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Useful Vocabulary for IELTS: Collocations in writing 3

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Career Care is one of the leading IELTS Training Institute in Pune. We at Career Care strive to ensure that our students work on their vocabulary. To ensure practical vocabulary we have introduced a Collocations list for better IELTS Vocabulary.

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In simple terms collocations are group words typically used together.

  1. Relentless enthusiasm/zest/hard work/ spirit

Usage: Used for someone who is determined and never stopping in attempts at achieving something.

Example: The island is being destroyed by the relentless enthusiasm of the tourists.

  1. Uphill/Herculean task

Usage: Used for a task which is very hard to perform.

Example: Digging the tunnel was a herculean task.

  1. Innate abilities

Usage: Used for abilities which are existing or present in an individual since birth.

Example: She has an innate sense of rhythm.

  1. Acquired abilities

Usage: Used to describe skills developed from daily life or experience.

Example: My wife has acquired the abilities to cook continental meals.

  1. Civilized societies/citizens/people

Usage: A group of people with refined thoughts and manners.

Example: A civilized society must respond to crime with fairness and justice.

  1. Established customs/practices/organization

Usage: A reasonable and legal usage which is uniform among persons in a specific business or


Example: It is an established practice of several organizations to give annual raise to the


  1. Tech-savvy generation

Usage: Used for a generation which is proficient in the use of modern technology, especially computers.

Example: Maharashtra needs more tech-savvy workers for its hi-tech industries.

  1. Deplorable condition

Usage: Used for conditions which are unbearable or unacceptable to live

Example: Bachelors’ rooms are often in deplorable order.

  1. Inadequate facilities

Usage: Used for facilities which are insufficient to meet a requirement.

Example: The parking facilities are inadequate for Pune Central mall.

  1. Exorbitant rates/prices

Usage: Used when prices are exceeding the bounds of custom or reason.

Example: The autorickshaw drivers in Pune charge exorbitant fares for long distances.

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  1. Cold-blooded murder

Usage: Murder or act of killing someone without a tinge of regret or any emotions

Example: While writing his new novel, the author wanted to describe a cold-blooded murder in most elaborate fashion.

  1. Hardcore criminals

Usage: Criminal who is stubbornly resistant to improvement.

Example: Hardcore criminals deserve capital punishment.

  1. Aspiring singers/performers/sportsmen

Usage: Used while describing performers who desire recognition or advancement.

Example: Many aspiring artists move to New York in the hope of getting noticed.

  1. Demoralizing impact/effect

Usage: Destruction of confidence, enthusiasm, and morale.

Example: The failure of the singing competition had a demoralizing effect on the participant.

  1. Excruciating pain

Usage: Describe extremely painful.

Example: The participant of the skiing race had an accident, which led to excruciating pain in his


  1. Unbearable poverty/heat

Usage: Used to describe poor conditions which cannot be tolerated.

Example: The slums of Mumbai and their unbearable poverty remind many of the luxurious life thy lead.

  1. Underprivileged people

Usage: People who cannot enjoy the same standard of living that majority of other people do.

Example: Mumbai is a home to several underprivileged people.

  1. Handsome salaries/remuneration/rewards

Usage: A good amount of money.

Example: The employees of TCS get handsome salaries.

  1. Unbridgeable gap/divide

Usage: A difference not being able to make less significant.

Example: The political parties are so divided that the gap between them is unbridgeable

  1. Immense courage/wealth

Usage: Extremely large or great.

Example: He inherited immense wealth from his grandfather.

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