English Grammar: Simple present tense

During our English speaking courses, many people question the importance of grammar in spoken English, while some fervently support it. I guess this question can be reserved for other times. Today we are going to take a look at Simple Present Tense and it supplications in spoken English. Simple present tense is basic tense, in general, […]

Improve your vocabulary

In this blog we are sharing our experiences on how to improve your English vocabulary. It is one of the most significant questions where English is a second language. As an Institute which teaches Business English: Speaking and writing we are often asked this question, “What should we do, to improve our vocabulary?” Initially, I […]

Usage of will and shall

Hello! Today we shall look into difference, as far as usage is concerned, between will and shall. Most of us remember from school grammar classes that there is a difference between the two but hardly anyone can precisely tell it. Let’s have a look… Shall is traditionally used with first person pronouns I and we. […]