Express your point of view

Ability to express your opinion in written or in speech is one of the important part of human life. In this article we are going to look at few phrases which can be used to express opinions. In my experience… While talking or writing about concepts or phenomenon, you can use this phrase to express […]

Usage of will and shall

Hello! Today we shall look into difference, as far as usage is concerned, between will and shall. Most of us remember from school grammar classes that there is a difference between the two but hardly anyone can precisely tell it. Let’s have a look… Shall is traditionally used with first person pronouns I and we. […]

Usage of may, might and must

Hello, Today we will see the difference between may, might and must. Usage of may and might are very similar. In general both are used to describe possibilities. Choice of one is more likely in different situations, but use of both cannot be wrong completely. It is important to note that, might is simple past […]