How to answer a writing task 1of IELTS? Part 3

Greetings friends!!! Welcome to career care’s IELTS tutorial for writing task 1. You can go back to part 1 and part 2 here. This is a series of three posts. In this post we would be looking at how to write a body paragraph and conclusion for the task 1. In the previous two posts […]

3 Questions for writing best objective on resume

An objective states your professional goal. It is crisp, clear and relevant statement that gives insights into which type of organization you would like to work with? How would you contribute? What would you gain during the process? Answers to even couple of questions among three would be sufficient to write a descent objective. Let’s […]

3 points to answer “Why do you want to work with us?”

We meet many people in our office, who blow their interviews by not preparing well for question, “Why do you want to work with us?” They also complain, “You know, I have sent about 50 copies of my resume still no results”. Jobseekers must understand that seeking jobs is not mere a number game. It […]