Most of people in India have developed a notion that only few people are destined to have good Communications Skills. They feel English Proficiency is even rare. Many technical people ignore both by assigning higher priority to the projects only to find out few years later that, it is equally important to communicate your ideas, achievements and objections with equal skill. We are here to help you with few compelling ideas that we have developed over last 25 years’ experience in training.


You may ask why listening? We believe, what you hear is what you think and what you think is what you speak.

How did you learn your mother tongue? Did your mother gift a Grammar book on your first birthday? An infant listens and in his attempt to copy parents, it learns to speak eventually. Look at a toddler and his amazing capability of learning a language. Why can’t you? Our advice is, listen quality English as much as possible. Tune into English News. Listen to the English Commentary. Watch English movies (maybe with subtitles). We are sure if you surround yourself with English, there is no reason you won’t learn it.

One – way communication

As the name of the technique suggests, once you become familiar with English through listening, start speaking in front of a mirror as if you are speaking to audience. Speaking aloud in front of mirror will give you confidence. It will also help you find your rhythm. Set a target of expressing your thoughts, ideas, concerns, opinions within 15 – 20 sentences. This is typically useful in daily meetings where you find yourself tongue-tied.

Two-way communication

Once you gain confidence to express your thoughts and ideas, find a communication-buddy in office or home. Your buddy must be better communicator than you are. If you can’t find one, go to internet and join few groups on social network. As you start speaking with the buddy on different topics, many questions will start creeping into your mind. Be patient, use internet resources to work on difficulties.

Within few weeks, you will gain confidence to speak to people. They may ask you questions on the opinion you expressed or after listening to someone you may have some questions to ask. Work with determination to overcome this phase. If you can survive through this phase, rewards are enormous.


Once you have achieved satisfactory proficiency in Communication, at least with your colleagues, you can concentrate on grammar. This will help you rectify your mistakes faster. Remember you learnt grammar of your mother tongue in fifth grade when you could already construct a sentence without any difficulty. At this juncture, you most probably be in same place, as far as English Proficiency is concerned.

Telephone conversation

Once you are comfortable with one-on-one conversations, it is time to take up new challenges. How many times have you felt that, your call would have been better? Why this happens? Reason is simple, 65% of human communication is through Body Language. Try to learn systematically how to make a successful call for reporting progress or reviewing meetings. You can use role-play with colleagues or the buddy to improve your telephone conversations.

Accent Reduction

Once you master the art of communication with people, it’s time to work on accent. It happens many times, especially while dealing with foreign delegates, that some may find your accent difficult to comprehend. Don’t worry. Initially try to imitate your favorite actor from the movies. Notice the change in pronunciations. Work with the phonetic dictionary. Within few days, your conversations with overseas client will definitely improve as you can understand his accent better and vice a versa.

We hope these inputs will help you improve your communication skills. If you are thinking it is not possible to find buddy or have practical problems like lack of focus or time, you can join our courses on Business English in Pune. We have designed our courses over last 25 years specifically for professionals. Apart from above skills, we also work on following components:

Presentation Skills

You will learn secrets of Presentations here. How many times have you or somebody else slept in the presentation? We not only teach you about the delivery of the presentation but about how to create an effective presentation? You will learn strategies to talk in front of a CEO, your manager or even your juniors.

Handling Meetings

Do you have bright ideas? Can you express them in meetings? We teach you here how to take a stand in a meeting? How to take objections? How to appreciate others? Also you will learn about dinning etiquettes in Corporate.

Right now we have intensive class-room program of 45 hours. If interested please let us know here.

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