Ways to boost your IELTS speaking scores on IELTS

Improve your IELTS band by working on Speaking skills

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Many students fear speaking section in IELTS. This is not because they have poor Language skills but because they have not practiced will. Here are few pointers for the speaking test of IELTS.

  • Get familiar with the British accent.

Try to reduce your local accent. Correct pronunciations and intonations are very important to deliver your speech clearly; it affects overall band score. It’s a fact that ¼ of your Band score depends on how you pronounce English words. The trouble is, we are more concerned with what we say, than how we say it. We rarely give our pronunciation a second thought, even though the way we pronounce words can make a perfect sentence sound like nonsense.

  • Go through the list of recent exams and familiarize yourself with the latest questions.

The best chances to get the same questions as before are good. So make it a habit of practicing at least one topic every day. Work on different answers to the same question. This will help you during the interview, in case an unfamiliar topic is asked, you will be able to come up with an answer quickly.

  • If you don’t understand the question do not hesitate to ask.

This is a speaking test and not a listening test. If you don’t understand the question, request the examiner to repeat or explain it. It would not be that affecting to your score. If you try to answer a question you do not understand, you will almost certainly become incoherent which definitely will affect your score.

  • Do not use hi-fi language unnecessarily.

In an attempt to do so students sometimes use incorrect or unrelated words, which is a mistake. Also in doing so they spend time trying to think of words due to which they do not sound fluent.

There are many more tips that can help you to increase your band score. Tune in every Wednesday to know more.

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