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Improve your IELTS band by working on Speaking skills: Part 2

Many students fear speaking section in IELTS. This is not because they have poor Language skills but because they have not practiced well. Here are few pointers for the speaking test of IELTS. This is in continuation of previous post “Improve your IELTS band by working on Speaking skills”.

  • Do not memorize speech for the interview. It doesn’t make good impression. How would you like talking to a tape? Remember memorized talk doesn’t sound natural and the examiner will easily recognize it. Instead, prepare for familiar topic but point wise. Topics in this section would be similar. Create your own strategy.
  • Nobody likes to talk to Woodstock. Although your English is good enough for Band 9, you will hurt your score by being passive in the conversation. Show some interest in the conversation and be willing to talk. Practice positive body language. Positive posture will automatically improve your voice. Do not give one word answers with yes or no. Elaborate your answer with details, examples, etc.
  • Always speak directly to the examiner, not to the recording equipment. Many students become conscience and start concentrating on their part of the conversation. This makes them attentive towards the recording equipment. In this scenario examiner may feel neglected.
  • If you find it difficult to elaborate your answer or explain it in detail, then you can add examples. State your point and then explain it with example. Thus not only your answer is elaborated but also you do not have to take mental effort in explaining your opinion.

There are many more tips that can help you to increase your band score. Tune in every Wednesday to know more

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