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IELTS Speaking Test 1 – Sample Answers

We are getting request to post sample answers for IELTS speaking section from all over India. We have created this post to help our students outside Pune. More are to follow these. Like our writing posts, we hope you like these samples as well.

Part 1:

Tell me something about your secondary school.

Well, I did my schooling in Modern High School which was hardly few minutes from my house. We had a huge building which was more than 100 years old with a big library and well-equipped laboratory. Also, there was a big playground where we used to play regularly. Our teachers were well experienced and famous for being strict overall.

Which subject did you find the most difficult at school?

I found Mathematics incredibly difficult until I met my professor at the college who made my life easy. I felt that Maths is inherently difficult because we had to remember so many formulae.

Do you ever need that subject now?

Yes, I do. However, it’s used in an elementary form in my day to day routine in the form of transactions essentially. There is not much to fear about it.

What did you enjoy about being a school student?

I liked to meet my friends more often, play more and eat more. As a child, I was careless because of my elder siblings who studied along with me in the same school and used to care for me. I think I enjoyed all those things.

Are there any famous buildings in your hometown?  What are they?

Yes, there are many famous buildings in my hometown such as Shaniwarwada and the District Court to name a few. They are well known for their appearance and architecture among people.

In what type of buildings do most people of your hometown live?

A majority of people live in modern buildings especially in apartments due to lack of space for independent houses. There are some bunglows in plush areas of the town and very cramped houses sporadically. However, mostly people stay in apartments.

Should buildings be attractive to look at?

Definitely, as it increases the aesthetic point of view to a place making it even more special, such as houses in Bhutan. The buildings are so unique and beautiful!

What is the most unusual building you have ever seen?

Hmmmm….. Burj Khalifa in Abu Dhabi is the most spectacular building I have ever come across till date. The sheer architecture is breathtakingly beautiful making it the tallest building in the world by 300 m.


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Part 2:

Describe an interesting story that you have heard or read about in the news.

  • When you heard or read about the story
  • What the story was about
  • Why the story was in the news
  • And explain why you thought the story was interesting

A few months ago I read about Ishita Katyal on the internet news while looking for interesting TED talks.

She is the youngest TED speaker from India who was just 10 years old back then. What surprised me, even more, is her intellectual speech filled with witty and captivating sentences spoken in the TED video which I watched immediately after I read an article about her. She speaks about the importance of choices left to children and why we as adults shouldn’t bother children by asking questions about their future. This news was an eye opener for me and provided me with useful tips.

Her take on the topic was interesting to me as this little girl makes so much of sense. News about her flashed everywhere on the internet highlighting the fact that she too is from Pune making me feel proud as I too live in Pune. Apart from being a speaker, she is also an author of a book published by Penguins.

This news left me pondering about how careful we should be as adults when we strike a conversation with a child. It was indeed enlightening and suggest all to read this news.

Part 3:

When do people like to read the newspapers?

In my country, people generally read newspapers at the beginning of the day sipping a cup of tea or coffee. They love it that way. Due to busy schedules, some like to read it while travelling or even in lunch breaks.

How important is it for people to have a choice of a newspaper?

Choices are essential. The freedom to choose a newspaper from a huge variety empowers the reader in terms of different sources of the truth and to check if the news delivered is reliable and trustworthy. For example, in a multilingual country like India, it is essential that people are able to access news in their mothertongue which is possible with variety of newspapers.

What does a good newspaper contain?

According to me, a good news paper contains truth in an unbiased form irrespective of the possible consequences the management could face. Because it is the primary objective of a newspaper to say the truth as it is. Plus, there should a variety of topics covered.

Why do some people choose to read the news on the internet rather than in a newspaper?

Internet news is easily accessible, user-friendly and instant. Internet news is preferred by some people especially the young generation over a newspaper.

How is internet news different from the news you read in the newspaper?

Internet news is more interactive, lively and user-friendly than a newspaper. In addition, it is eco- friendly too. Its also updated every second as opposed to 24-hour cycle for newspapers. Although newspaper is tangible reading news on the internet is trending.

Will internet news ever replace newspapers?

Most likely it may replace but will take considerable time for that because more and more people feel reading on the internet is more comfortable. Therefore , newspapers may become obsolete in  the future.


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