IELTS Sample: Letter to friend about business plan

IELTS Sample: Letter to your Friend

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Below is a sample for IELTS Writing task 1 i.e. Letter writing. IELTS Samples will help you understand the right approaches and style of writing.  We have more writing samples for your reference. For example learn to write to your landlord, to your friend, Muncipalities along with many IELTS Sample essays.

One of your friends has asked you to be a partner in his new business.

Write a letter to reply to your friend’s offer.  In your letter

  • Give your opinion about friend’s business ideas
  • Tell him whether you have decided to accept his offer
  • And explain your reasons for the decision

Write at least 150 words. You need not write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows,

Dear ______ , 


Dear Harshad,

It was nice catching up with you on Shrikant’s housewarming party the other night. Also, it was very generous of you to discuss your future entrepreneurial venture and to invite me to join in.

After understanding your model of business, I did my research and I happen to agree with a majority of the ideas. Specifically, I approve that, the void of IT applications in Human Resources is a huge opportunity in future.

Honestly, I was a pleasantly surprised when you offered me to come on board as a partner and more than happy to accept it.

Our friendship goes long back in time and I am sure with our coordination, we can hit the market well. Moreover, our backgrounds offer us skills that are mutually exhaustive and thus complement us to kick start the operations as soon as possible.

Hope to catch up soon tomorrow to discuss further. Thanks a lot for kind gesture of joint business endeavour.

Warm regards,



This letter deserves about 8 bands. The letter establishes the informal tone. It also addresses each instruction satisfactorily. The ideas are very well connected with linking devices. The author uses a enough variety of words and grammatical structures.

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