IELTS Essay about ragging in colleges

IELTS essay 1

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Ragging was started with a positive attitude but with the passage of time it has become a nuisance. It is much debated today that ragging should be banned in educational institutions.

To what extent do you agree or disagree to these statements?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


Ragging, the practice which was originated to ‘break the ice’ between seniors and the new entrants so as to forge some lifelong bonds later has become a menace widely abhorred by parents and fresher alike. Pragmatically analyzing the precarious connotation of this practice, it goes beyond doubt that ragging should be banned in all circumstances.

Pertaining to the bleak out facet associated, what could be an innocuous banter and exchange of joviality has become a deterrent for the new entrants who dread of being beaten and humiliated. Every day as we open the newspaper, a wave of anger hits us as we realize that another innocent life has been snuffed out by the beast that has become so wild and untamed – the beast of ragging.

Perhaps, it would be unfair not to spotlight that no one understands the torment a bearer has to undergo. It is widely known that the students who were once abused tend to repeat the same with students of tomorrow out of exasperation and indignation implanted deep in their conscience. Scars of this mental torture are hard to fade and I have recently heard ghastly accounts from one of my cousins in medical school, who refuses to trust any human being in first meeting. As a result, the streak of love and compatibility fades away forever. This poison and bitterness goes on proliferating. Hence it is quite imperative that a full stop must be put to this malpractice.

To cap up, it should be accentuated that banning ragging cannot be as efficacious as its implementation. The principals, hostel wardens and other authorities must be watchful. Those people who violate the rule should be tackled with an iron hand. If we break the chain of evil today, we can create a healthy and amicable atmosphere in our educational institutions.

Vocabulary key

Break the ice – break the silenceforge – build; menace – threat; abhor – hate; pragmatic – real and sensible; precarious – insecure; pertain – relate; bleak – dark; innocuous – harmless; banter – crosstalk; joviality – fun; deterrent – inhibitor; dread – scare; snuff – extinguish/die; exasperation – irritation; indignation – anger/distress; proliferate – flourish; imperative – unavoidable; accentuate – highlight; efficacious – effective; amicable – friendly.

Score = 8  to 8.5  bands

This essay presents the topic thoroughly. The ideas are well-connected with appropriate linking devices. The author uses rich vocabulary and variety of sentence which shows his grip on the language.

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