IELTS Sample Essay: Value of Old People in Society

IELTS Sample ESSAY: Importance of Elders in Our Society

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Following is an IELTS Sample Essay which discusses the importance of old people in our society. Our Sample Essays like such will help you understand the right approaches better and help you score better in your IELTS writing tasks. To refer to more such essay sample check out: IELTS Essay on Elders loosing their value in the society.

Some people think that having old people in society is a problem as they are completely dependent on their children while others believe that having senior citizen around adds value to the family.

Discuss both these views and give you opinion.

Give reasons and examples from your knowledge and experience to support your answer.

Write at least 250 words.


Benefits: Guidance, culture

Problems: dependency

Need to be compassionate about them as they were for you as a child


Owing to the advances in medical fields, average age of humans has transcended prior limits and so we see many elders around. While some may say that it is better to have elder generation around, others feel that they are just a burden. I feel that, having elders around is always better than not having them at all.

Elders have immense experience through their share of success and failures which help younger generation through their insights and in fact, can clinch higher peaks of success. While starting my new venture in Information Technology (IT), I consulted my grandfather who used to run a manufacturing company. Although he knew nothing about IT, he provided valuable insights into employee management which came in handy. Moreover, elders are the torchbearers of the culture and share their insights well in major events of life such as marriages.

However, some criticise the role of elders in modern homes. They advocate that seniors meddle into the daily lives of their children and grandchildren. As seniors grow old, they develop this habit of preaching their family and in fact taking their moral down. I would urge such people to look into this problem in some other ways. Probably senile instruct the generation X out of love and their willingness to help. Rather than isolating them, it is the duty of our youth to ensure that seniors are familiar with the technology and are a relevant part of a family.

Looking back it is very clear that elders help their children by through their life experiences and knowledge of cultures and traditions. Although sometimes their instructions may seem like intrusion, we can make them feel part of modern lives. Hence, I can say for sure advantages of having elders around are always more than disadvantages.


Transcend: surpass, go beyond something

Boon: benefit

Clinch higher peaks of success: achieve higher success

Torchbearers: a leader

To advocate: to support

To preach: to give lecture

Senile: senior members of the society who may seem forgetful

Intrusion: disturbance


This essay deserves score of about 7.5 bands.

Task Response:

The essay satisfies the task of finding the both sides well. 

Coherence and Cohesion:

The essay maintains flow of ideas quite well by ensuring logical order of time. Effective usage of linking words helps to transit well from one topic to another, though there is hiccup in logical flow in the second paragraph while introducing second point.

Lexical Resource:

The range of words used is very precise without compromising meaning of the sentences. There are exactly 292 words which help the writer maintain precision.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy:

There is enough variety on range of structures used appropriately.

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