IELTS essay about celebrity and the money they make

IELTS Essay 5

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Some people say that show person like celebrities and sportsperson are heavily paid which is not justified as compared to other professions while some people totally perceive their remuneration highly justified.

What is your stand point?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.


Remuneration of celebrities and sports person has always triggered spirited debates. Some people look at their life as glittering with flamboyance and hence condemn the huge payments while few advocate it as a justice for number of reasons. The viewpoint of latter group equally stands up to my scrutiny for rationales reproduced here.

How can we forget the time a celebrity has been bashed by a website or a tabloid newspaper for something highly infinitesimal which an ordinary Joe could freely do without even being pinched? Yet another subtle mercy crops out of the situation where they are unfairly engaged in uncountable disproportionate fights with their hands tied to their back and mouth thickly plastered. Another nauseate notion of celebrities having forfeited their privacy for fame rules. Rather a celebrity gets deprived of being himself and has to act from dawn to dusk. A star’s every moment is a testing moment for which he stays in perpetual trainings.

Primary premise for the jaundiced eye towards high inflows in celebrities’ life is that, ‘it is too easy to be successful’. It is very easy to notice the glamour but the hardships, these celebrities have endured are utterly ignored and rather served only in their biographies once in their lifetime.

Survival of the fittest rules the roost making show person’s tenure too short as nobody worships the setting sun. For all the aforementioned reasons it becomes unassailable that remuneration handed over to leading lights is earned by them and rationally commensurate their labour.


Envisage – view; Glittering – shining; Flamboyance – charm; Condemn – criticize; Rationales – reasons; Bash – strike; Infinitesimal – extremely small; Disproportionate – unequally weighed; Nauseate – sickening; Forfeit – surrender; Dawn to dusk – morning till night; Perpetual – timeless/everlasting; Unassailable – something that cannot be questioned; Commensurate – proportionate

Score = 8 bands

The essay discusses both sides and justifies the author’s point of view. It also connects the ideas and examples seamlessly into each other. However, the words used are overwhelming and sometimes slightly out of place. The sentences used are grammatically correct.

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