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Terrorism is one of the major threats to the survival of man on this planet. Much has been talked about terrorism but very small is done in this direction.

According to you, how can the problem of terrorism solved?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


Terrorism, today, has become a global threat. It means the use of force and other coercive means to get their goals achieved. Their usual means are to fluster, petrify, kill, kidnap or indulge in extortion. In the modern era almost all the terrorist groups operating in various parts of the world work in connivance with each other.

There are many reasons of the spread of terrorism today. It is rightly said that terrorists are not born but made. There are certain circumstances which are conducive for the birth of terrorism. Poverty and unemployment are deeply related to terrorism. When the young people find themselves running from pillar to post to earn their bread and butter, they react against the system of society. Their blood boils when they see the rich people rolling in wealth. How can they tolerate this economic disparity without being responsible for this malaise? To add fuel to fire, the neighboring enemy countries supply to them drugs and weapons free of cost. It needs no explanation that all these weapons are aimed to sabotage the administration.

Religious bigotry is becoming a threat to the establishment of peace in the world. There are certain religious fanatics who spread the message of abhorrence and religious intolerance. These fanatics indulge in the brain-washing of the young people and ferment them to indulge in massacre of the people of other religions. They are given coloured and biased picture of other religions.

The governments and the people must do something seriously to kill the monster of terrorism. The brains behind terrorism must be aware of the fact that terrorism is a monster that kills, one day, even its own parents. America and Pakistan are paying through nose for germinating, sheltering and nurturing the terrorism. Sincere and transparent anti-terrorism policies are to be adopted and followed. It is needless to say that poverty, unemployment and illiteracy have to be eradicated.


Coercive – use of force; Fluster – upset; Petrify – terrify; Extortion – blackmail; Connivance – collaboration; Conducive – suitable ; Pillar to post – from one place to another; Bread and butter – livelihood; Malaise – unhappiness; Sabotage – destroy; Bigotry – prejudice; Abhorrence – hatred; Fanatics – extreme devotees; Ferment – generate; Massacre – killing; Pay through nose – to pay excessively

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