IELTS letter to a friend who stays overseas

IELTS Letter 11

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IELTS (General Training) has a letter writing task. These letters test how well you follow the instructions while ensuring continuity of thoughts, precise usage of words and variety of sentence structures. Among many other samples on this website, this sample is written by one of our current students.

You may spend 20 minutes on the task.

You stayed with overseas friend last month.

Write a letter to your overseas friend. In this letter:

  • Thank him or her for the photos and for the holidays
  • Explain why you didn’t write earlier
  • Invite him or her for an event in your country

 Begin your letter as follows:



Dear Tom,

I hope this letter finds you in the pink of your health. Our last holiday which I spent at your home last month was an absolute delight.

I want to express my gratitude for the lovely holiday. The photos you have sent me are gorgeous and have really captured the joy and holiday spirit. To add to this, comfortable stay and homely food was a cherry on top. I also want to thank your parents who were nice and accommodating.

I regret the delay on writing to you but was neck deep in my college assignments which I missed during our holiday. Also, due to an emergency I had to shift to a new apartment. As the new apartment I moved in is very far from my current address, I had to undergo the ordeal of packing and moving all my belongings which took a lot of time.

Last but not least I would like to invite you to stay at my home for the Christmas holidays which are in three months from now. I have already spoken to my parents and have made arrangements for your stay. I have a list of fun activities planned for us in addition to the Christmas celebrations and dinner.

I hope to hear from you soon about the exact date of your arrival so that I can personally receive you at the airport. I am sending you my current address with this letter.

Warm regards,


Score = 8 bands

The letter answers all the instructions and develops all the ideas thoroughly. Also, the ideas are well-connected with linking devices. Lastly, the variety of words and sentence structures are quite precise.

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