IELTS essay on developed nations helping other countries

Essay on Developed Nations : IELTS Sample

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Following is an IELTS Sample Essay on developed nations and it’s aid to other countries. Our Sample Essays like such will help you understand the right approaches better and help you score better in your IELTS writing tasks. 

Developed nations must help under-developed or developing countries.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Write valid reasons and relevant examples to support your position using at least 250 words.


In today’s world, there are many countries which are either developing or underdeveloped. They lack in important standards of living like health, education, and trade. Due to many social, economic and other kinds of reasons, they are not capable of achieving this progress on their own. Therefore, I certainly think that it is essential to get this assistance from governments of developed nations.

If developed nations take responsibility to help poorer nations, it will bring balance to the overall progress of the entire world and our planet will become a better place to live. Firstly, aids for arranging health campaigns and training camps on advanced medicine for doctors from poor countries can help us elevate the levels of healthcare in such countries. Secondly, education systems in poorer countries can be improved by training students and teachers in developed countries and providing them with better facilities. Thirdly, trade can also be increased by increasing collaboration between developed and poor countries where some hidden traditional novelties can find a niche in the world market. For many years the science in Ayurveda was untapped in Western World; now these techniques have come in quite handy in paramedicine.

On the other hand, there are few who opine that developed countries are under no obligation to help the developing ones. Yet they conveniently ignore the fact that cooperation among developed countries have helped them reach those milestones. Collaboration is essential and if such a helping hand is extended towards the underdeveloped states, they may help the developed nations back in future as we all know life is a circle.

In the end, the act of benevolence from rich countries won’t harm them rather would help restore miserable lives who are struggling for basic necessities. I would like to emphasize that the governments of rich nations must assist poorer nations.

Score = 7.5 to 8 bands

The essay has well developed ideas with well integrated examples. The ideas are well attached to each other with the help of linking devices.The words are used with precaution. Also, the variety of sentences used are sufficient. 

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