IELTS essay about children's bahviour

Essay on Children’s Behaviour : IELTS Sample

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Following is an IELTS Sample Essay on children’s behaviour. Our Sample Essays like such will help you understand the right approaches better and help you score better in your IELTS writing tasks. To refer to more such essay sample check out: IELTS Essay on Elders loosing their value in the society.


In some countries, children have very strict rules of behavior, in other countries they are allowed to do almost anything they want. 

To what extent should children have to follow rules?

Write at least 250 words.

Include valid reasons and relevant examples from your knowledge and experience to back your position.

Write at least 250 words.


Children are the future of the society. Well nurtured and well-behaved children turn into useful adults who ultimately contribute to a healthy community. Now, some countries set very strict rules for children while others provide unnecessary flexibility. In my opinion, children’s upbringing must be balanced which means they must be encouraged to see dreams and chase them along while respecting the rules of loving elders.

To begin, if children are grown in very strict environment, curiosity about the restricted aspects of life rises. They may deviate from their goals and take extreme measures acting on impulse. It is no coincidence that most of the youngsters find and taste alcohol in teenage along with their friends.

Similarly, if children are never questioned and they are allowed to behave on their whim, they may get exposed to disturbing information for their age. It may lead them to take wrong actions as their conscience is not developed. For illustration, teenage pregnancy is one of the tormenting experiences on the rise as the liberal youth is enlightened only in bits and parts.

However, the concerned parents who understand the problems of their children can educate kids to develop sense of right and wrong by providing guidelines rather than rigid rules of behaviour. With such successful attempt children can explore unknown aspects on their own, by weighing every aspect on the guiding principle given by their parents.

In the end, extremes of freedom as well as restrictions turn out to be destructive for our future generations as they may either rebel against the society or they may never develop the conscience. Rather, a balanced approach where the young generation acts freely based on guidelines laid by elders is advocated.

Score = 8 bands

The author establishes her position very well and supports it throughout the essay. She establishes the fact that how both extremities are problematic. In the process she offers elaborated reasons and ties them with examples. The variety of words and sentences is precisely used in most of the cases. 

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