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Nowadays, many employers judge an employee on their attire while others believe that work performance should be evaluated.

Discuss both point of views and state your opinion.

Use relevant reasons and examples to support your answer.


An old saying, “Do not Judge a book by its cover” is probably more applicable today than ever before.  Employers nowadays have seen to pay a lot of importance to employee attires rather than the performance of his/her work. In my opinion, this is misleading the employees and drifting them away from their work performance. Employers should evaluate employee based on the task they are assigned in comparison to any other criteria.

The primary job for which an employee is hired by the employer is to deliver goals, complete targets while not compromising on company’s values.  Let’s take the case of Employee performance evaluation where an employee is assessed on skills such as leadership, communication, team player etc. not the physical appearance. Additionally, An employee’s attire may not be as appealing such as others due to various reasons such as inexperience to corporate norms, poor financial condition, less access to resources etc. Sometime, this misconception can hamper an organization by demoralizing employees leading to high attrition rate.

Attires do reflect an individual’s personality and it is important to have pleasant and appropriate dressing, but, these are limitations of an individual grooming which can be taken care in a short span of time. Some people believe that, sectors like hospitality industry is all about best dress up, but that’s not true. An Air Hostess who is suited best compared to other sectors but the key qualities which sets her apart are humbleness, smiling face, politeness

In all, performance and key skills of an individual required for a particular job outweighs the importance of dress up. Physical appearance may be absent due to multiple reasons and can be taken care of. However, judging an employee by his clothes not by his/her work is an injustice and need to be understood by employers.

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