IELTS essay about increasing number of cars and traffic jam

IELTS Essay 7

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Car ownership has increased so rapidly in recent years that one of the major problems that modern cities face is traffic jam.

What are the causes of this increase in traffic?

What should governments do in order to dissuade people from using cars?

Causes: Population explosion, migration, inadequate public transport, finances, increased expenditures, competitions, loans

Recommendations: Better public transport, Carpooling, Awareness programmes, restriction, taxation


Nobody has escaped the brunt of long traffic queues in modern cities after office. In recent years, number of cars in cities have seen unprecedented growth which has been major factor contributing to the overall traffic in cities. An overview of the situation makes it very clear that this is high time to take remedial actions.

Recent thirty years stands witness to the population explosion which has also produced tremendous business potential in cities. This growth has accelerated migration from rural to urban area which further augmented populations in urban areas. At the same time, governments could not keep up with this exponential growth in terms of public transport. Increase in populations coupled with lack of public transport made sure that cars market is booming. This boom saw accent of many giant automotive companies who with financial clouts allured the customers with attractive discounts and easy loans. This competition has taken us to a place where cities may not afford any further increase in number of cars. As a result, government must dissuade public from using cars which can be a big respite to traffic woes.

In order to control traffic jams, governments must upgrade public transportation which is accessible enough and safe. Moreover, Carpooling has come out as clear winner to complement public transportation as it helps people share resources. Also, awareness programs in offices, public places and all forms of media can come in handy. In some cities desperate measures like control over car ownership and heavy taxation on fuels may prove effective.

In retrospection, population explosion, inadequate public transport, better finances have all fueled the increase in number of cars. Government should pay attention to infrastructure along with help from private and public stakeholders to spread awareness and restrictions.

Score = 7.5 to 8 bands

The author satisfies all the instructions by offering the reasons and recommendations. However, there are a few ideas that could be even more clearly communicated through linking devices are used properly. The variety of words are used precisely. 

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