IELTS essay on working for same organization and job hopping

IELTS Essay 6

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Some people work for the same organization all their working life. Others think that it is better to work for different organizations.

Discuss both these point of views and give your opinion.

Give reasons and examples from your knowledge or experience to support your answer.

Write at least 250 words.

Same organization: Comfort level, Trust with management, an expert in the field, chances of promotion; complacency in work, limited exposure, unskilled, biased views – liability, no growth

Different organizations: Initial struggle, an expert in the field, better exposure, quick opportunities, Skills enhancement, chances of promotion; confused work cultures, loss of confidence


In today’s ever-changing world some people seek comfort in working with the same organization for a lifetime while others ambitiously jump from one job to another. Both options have their unique offerings which are fervently debated by modern-day employees. In my opinion, working for different organizations is a challenge, if accepted can open doors to an exciting career with multiple opportunities.

They say “Change is the only constant”. Change in jobs, poses seemingly insurmountable hurdles, initially in the career as one must start a new assignment with a clean slate and prove the worth each time. If each time these shifts in organizations are approached as opportunities, new doors open in terms of betterment of skills, expansion of network and exposure to multiple cultures. With the progress in the career, all these additions to professional profile make Resume’ indispensable. Agreed that, this strategy takes time, if planned well, it can be an assured way to launch a successful career.

However, few people doubt the strategy. Doomsayers predict the failure even before the start of the career and advice not to change the organization. They predict fruitful relations with Senior Management because of the mutual trust which will sow the seeds of professional growth for the person in the same organization. At the same time, they must answer a few questions: What if one does not get international experience? What if the opportunities are lost because of seniority? What if ego clashes stop your career growth?

After contemplating both sides career path through different organizations can take a person at a zenith where he may evolve as well rounded personality. On the contrary, being in the same organization poses more hurdles than opportunities with limited exposure. As a long-term strategy, it is always a better option to work for different organizations.


Fervently: having great warmth, felling or intensity, insurmountable: a problem which is almost impossible to solve, indispensable: very important, doomsayers: one who predicts disasters all the time, contemplating: thinking thoroughly about both sides about a topic, zenith: the peak of the career

Score = 8 to 8.5 bands

The author discussed both sides very well and justifies his opinion throughout the essay. Overall, ideas are developed and connected very well. The variety of words are is quite precise. The variety of sentence structures is used is also impressive. Still, there are some minor corrections from the idiomatic point of view.

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