Many professionals from India appear for IELTS – General Training each year in order to apply for permanent residency in Canada and Australia. One of the main challenges these professional face is IELTS writing section which consists of two tasks. Task 1 is Letter Writing and Task 2 is Essay Writing. We have already published few samples of writing task 2.

The task of essay writing expects you to write an essay in minimum 250 words. Reader judges your essay on factors such as Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resources, and Grammatical Range and Accuracy. Here, we have decided to publish samples by our students which can guide students preparing for IELTS online.

Housing and accommodation has become a major problem in many countries around the world.

What are some of the main factors that have contributed to this problem?

What can be done to help reduce the number of homeless people?


Causes: Migration to cities – better education and job – population explosion – higher demand for houses – higher costs – limited lands – Accommodation problems

Solutions: Decentralisation of opportunities

While travelling in my city Mumbai, it is hard to miss the cramped housing and ever-increasing slums. These issues creep in the cities because of multiple reasons and lead to a lack of basic facilities.  The onus to provide accommodation and basic amenities lies with the government to a great extent.

Even after hundred years of industrialization, people from villages migrate to cities in search of better prospects of education and jobs. This rapid migration surges the demand of housing and property rates. Higher demand for housing leads to a deficiency of the land while higher property rates push people to congested vicinities and hence the problems of housing. To illustrate, Pune, a city in India witnesses people migrating people all over the country as the city has developed to be a manufacturing, IT and educational hub, giving ways to unstructured growth and accommodation woes.

To overcome these obstacles, the government must take some instant steps. Firstly, the government must work on affordable housing schemes for the citizen who have already found the means in the city. Let’s take the case of Japan where the government is promoting ‘cubic feet living’, a concept which utilizes the vertical space. Secondly, it should promote the education as well as entrepreneurship in rural parts thereby reducing the current trend of migration and ultimately controlling the expanding cities.

Looking back, centralization of the industrial area as well as means of education and career are major reasons for migration and thus accommodation despairs in cities. These difficulties can be addressed primarily by decentralization of industry as well career opportunities.


Cramped: uncomfortably small or restricted

Onus: responsibility

Surge: rapid increase

Vicinity: neighborhood

Woes: problems

Despair: Problems


This essay deserves score between 8 to 8.5

Task Response:

The essay satisfies the task of finding the causes and recommendations very well. It also ensures strong reasoning with corresponding examples.

Coherence and Cohesion:

The essay maintains the flow of ideas quite well by ensuring the logical order of time. Effective usage of linking words helps to transit well from one topic to another.

Lexical Resource:

Range of words is used very precisely without compromising meaning of the sentences. There are exactly 259 words which help the writer maintain precision.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy:

There is enough variety on range of structures used appropriately. None of the sentences seem awkward.

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