Some people believe that television programmes are of no real value for children.

How far do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


Television is one of rarest legacies of twentieth century that we have carried in this world of smart gadgets which are loaded with information and entertainment through thousands of channels. While children are exposed to this content all the time, least priority is allotted to evaluate about repercussions of the development.

Firstly, cartoons form main pedigree of young television viewership which exposes youngsters to foul language as well as violence resulting into children disobeying parents. Secondly, movies, songs and daily soaps paint a disoriented picture of relations, work ethics and overall life which sometimes lead to glorification of negative traits denting innocent minds for the lifetime. Thirdly, in this tender age, adolescents get easily lured by sports-events like wrestling, imitating which have has resulted into many accidents or injuries and still continues till date.

At the same time, it’s worthwhile to note that there are many informative shows-may be very rare compared other programs-on science, technology, history and art, which have potential to impact child’s future career choice, must be encouraged. In addition, sports like Cricket, Tennis and many more can motivate them to pursue for lifetime, imbibing them with its importance. However, it’s a common sight in every household that children are attracted towards the programs which have negative implications. Even parents are to be blamed for lack of guidance and monitoring on their off-springs’s television habits.

Looking back, most influential television shows impart inappropriate information and may also rob off children of their innocence. In fact, they make them biased in life choices, which is detrimental. In conclusion, current television programs are worthless for children.

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