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How to write contact information in Resume

It is vital that reader can spot, at a glance, not only your name but also precisely how to contact you. Your resume should be headed with your name – boldly and clearly before any other details. Do not write ‘RESUME’ or ‘CV’. Type just your name. Including your all contact information is very important as he will be able to contact you once your resume is shortlisted. Leave a space or put a horizontal line between the end of your contact section and the next section of your resume. Putting your LinkedIn or personal website URL can help you condense your resume to one page and still giving reader a chance to look into details if in case he is interested.

Many people ask common questions like

  1. What if my name is difficult to pronounce?
  2. Do you have to state ‘official’ or name on the passport?
  3. What if my gender is not obvious from name?

Answers to these questions are really simple. Within limits of common sense – call yourself what you like to be called. There are no legal restrictions provided you are not attempting a fraud. If you use abbreviated name first name on regular basis, there is no reason why you should not put on resume. Also, if your gender is not obvious then include title {Mr, Mrs etc} on your resume before your first name.

 You contact information must have following:

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
LinkedIn or Personal Website URL (if you have one)

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