On first day of a new job, we get nervous, even people with good communication get nervous. It is natural, considering the expectations from new employers, your expectations from new work place and most importantly your colleagues. You would spend considerable amount of time of the day with them. If you can manage to impress your team on first day, your overall sailing is going to be relatively easy. This can be an important day in you career. Remember you don’t get second chance to create first impression.

Here are few tips on how to handle your first day smoothly.

  1. Greet everyone and offer handshake.

After all formalities in Human Resources Department, one of HR person will introduce you to your new colleagues by taking you to everyone’s department. This is your first chance. Greet everyone hello or Good Morning. Offer a full hearted firm handshake. Your way of handshake actually reflects your level of confidence.

  1. Show interest in your colleagues.

Don’t you like when people get your name right on first meeting? Yes! People like to hear them name in first meeting and they will be really impressed if you can recall their names after that too. So, after your conversation repeat colleague’s names.

A typical conversation with new colleague Gopal may go like this:

HR: Hello Gopal meet Venky. He is joining as consultant in your team.

Gopal: Oh! Hi Venky. How are you?

You: Hello Gopal, am good. Thanks. How about you?

Gopal: I am good. So from which college you completed your Engineering?

You: I was in NIT, 2009 batch.

Gopal: Oh! Really I passed from same college.

You: That’s a real surprise. How come I never saw you.

Gopal: 2005. We have considerable gap. Nice to see you here.

You: You too Gopal. See you around.

  1. Participate in staff meetings.

Normally, this introduction is followed by a team meeting where your manager will introduce you formally to your team and also few senior members. Here, you would be asked to introduce yourself. Please elaborate on your past in short. Don’t bore people with long stories of your brilliance. Let your work speak about it. Also, explain what was your perception of the new company? Don’t criticize or be too informal during this description.

  1. Dine with new colleagues.

Invite your colleagues to join dining with you. Don’t ignore any invitations; grab opportunity and join them to interact. They say, you know more about a person on dining table than spending entire day with him.

I hope this helps. Keep looking this place for more updates every Thursday.

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