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How to answer writing task 1 of IELTS

Greetings friends!!!

Welcome to career care’s IELTS blog for writing task 1.

This is a series of three posts. In this post we would be looking at how to structure your essay for the task 1.

Writing task for academic module test two of your abilities; first to write a well structured response and second, to organise ideas and use of vocabulary and grammar accurately. For task 1 you need to write a report of at least 150 words. You would be given information in the form of graph, table, chart or diagram which you have to summarise, describe or explain in your own words.

Few tips to start with

  • Remember you are asked to write approximately 150 words. Do not keep on writing, be crisp. People tend to over write. Keep in mind that there is another task to do which requires you to write twice as many words as task 1.
  • Plan your answers. There should be flow and connection between every paragraph.
  • Manage your time. Do not spend more than 20 minutes on task 1. Note that the 60 minutes time is given for both task of writing test so be carefully about not spending too much time on task 1.
  • You need to write in formal style so, avoid using informal language.
  • Do not write your opinion. Stick to the information given.
  • Lastly work on your handwriting. It should be clear to read.

You should have at least three paragraphs.

  1. Introduction- with 3 – 4 sentence including overview
  2. Two body paragraph giving details

In this task 1 you have to write 150 words. During the exam you do not have time to actually count the words. Then how to decide whether there are 150 words or not?

Here is a simple formula

Every sentence on an average has 10 words. So all you have to do is write 15 sentences. Distribute these 15 sentences into paragraphs.

  1. Introduction – 3-4 sentence – 30-40 words
  2. 1st body paragraph – 6-7 sentences – 60-70 words
  3. 2nd body paragraph – 6-7 sentences – 60-70 words

With this formula concentrate on number of sentence in each paragraph rather than on words

Hope you find this post helpful. Our next post in this series would be about how to write introduction of our essay for task 1. Subscribe with us so that you do not miss the next two posts about writing task 1.

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