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Guide to Fresher’s Resume. Its Free!

Career Care introduces it’s first book “GUIDE TO FRESHER’S RESUME”. Register your copy today.

The book will help you prepare professional resume. This placement season, all your hard-work in recent past will be put to test as all of you would be running after your dream jobs. Your ambitions and your parent’s expectations may come true. This is your “make it or break it” chance.

Resume - CopyOur panel of experts have developed a simple methodology for creating effective resume. This content is exclusive and followed by our resume writers daily to create resumes of experienced professionals. All you need to do is simply follow the book which will help you on each step to create

  • Effective summary,
  • Educational details
  • key skills,
  • Achievements,
  • Project details etc.

It also contains 10 sample resumes for

  • Engineering Students
  • Management students,
  • Finance Students,
  • Pharmacy Students,
  • Medical students etc.

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