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Expressing general point of view

General point of view is often used to back your position either in conversation or writing. They are used to discuss general observations which are evident but may not be quantifiable. These phrases are very useful for students preparing for GRE, IELTS and TOEFL.

  1. It is thought that…

Usage: M.S. Dhoni is a good captain and it is thought that, whichever team he leads, will definitely reach final rounds of the tournament, no matter how known players in the team are.

  1. Most/Many people would say that…

Usage: Many people in India would say that, recent Brussels attacks are comparable to Pathankot attacks.

  1. It is widely accepted that…

Usage: In Indian culture, it is widely accepted that, son of the family owns the responsibility of the parents.

  1. It is considered that…

Usage: Most of the neighbors found the new resident a bit odd. It is considered that a good neighbor helps others, but in this case it was not true.

These expressions are usually used when a speaker or an author wishes to describe a general thought held by almost all people around. As seen in above examples, even though statistics backing the claim are not available with communicator, the statement perfectly resonates with most of Indians.

  1. Few people may say that…

Usage: Although few people may say that, Internet isolates individuals; in my understanding it is a perfect way connecting people.

This expression is used to take the credit of an argument away. If a particular thought is represented by very few, then it must be wrong.

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