Ability to express your opinion in written or in speech is one of the important part of human life. In this article we are going to look at few phrases which can be used to express opinions.

  1. In my experience…

While talking or writing about concepts or phenomenon, you can use this phrase to express your experiences. These experiences may support or contradict main idea in the discussion. For instance, everybody in group is discussing a particular bike that, always give starting problem in winter season. You haven’t used that particular bike often but you have a bit of driving experience in winter, you might express your opinion, “In my experience when I was riding that bike in my college days to attend early morning lectures, it started fine.”

  1. As far as I’m concerned…

“As far as I’m concerned Chocolate flavour is best among ice-creams”. This phrase is normally used when participant in discussion may have different opinions and everyone is entitled to their opinions or experiences. It can be used in writing and speech.

  1. Speaking for myself…

If you agree with public opinion but also have a bit different opinion about an idea or instance or phenomenon, you could use “Speaking for myself…” phrase to point out difference. “I am sure trip to museum was boring in general but, speaking for myself, I found the relics in desert really interesting.”

  1. In my opinion

This is stern phrase in use but used to state clear cut differences or contradictions in point of view. “In my opinion, the matter has no base and Charlie is unnecessarily trying to over blow the matter.”

  1. I’d suggest that…

This phrase is used to express suggestions during discussions. If discussion if going about planning 31st December celebration and you think that avoiding alcohol would be the best idea. You could start like, “I’d suggest that, we should better avoid alcohol as we are going to drive back after the party and not going to stay back at resort”.

  1. I’d like to point out that…

In discussion, if you feel that a particularly important point is missing, you could point it out by using the said phrase. If you are discussing, who is cooler among Batman and Superman and everybody forgot basic difference that, Batman didn’t have supernatural powers, you could remind everybody like, “I’d like to point out that Batman is a human with no superpower, still fights with crime and that makes him cool”.

I hope this discussion helps. Please write your comments below. Keep rocking!

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2 Responses

  1. That is a good recomendation but I think We can`t be so polite, You could give the impresion that You don`t have nothing to tell or You are an hypocrite. For me is better be direct and clear or avoid the disscusion or the theme

    1. Hello Frank
      Thanks for comments. Point taken. And I agree to an extent that, you must not be give an impression of a weak person. At the same time,these are accepted ways of expressing your point of views. They are to be used in formal discussions as per individual’s judgement.

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