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Career Care offers live classroom coaching.

Due to COVID-19, you are not able to attend classroom coaching. But, to crack IELTS you need expert’s guidance. Considering all these challenges, we are offering online classroom coaching.

IELTS online Coaching

IELTS Coaching classes are available in Pune center where each batch has about 12 students. The coaching has two stages as follows.
Fees: INR 12,500/- onwards

IELTS Batches

You have following options of batches.

What sets us apart?

Online revision

We offer online revision sessions so that you need not travel to the class for your doubts.

5 speaking mocks

or speaking tests especially, we work with you to ensure best speaking performance.

1 on 1 feedback

We keep track of our progress through 1 on 1 feedback. These are arranged regularly to solve your issues.

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