IELTS Letter 11

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IELTS (General Training) has a letter writing task. These letters are tested on many on how well you follow the instructions while ensuring continuity of thoughts, precise usage of words and variety of sentence structures. Among many other samples on this website, this sample is written by our current student Tanmay. The letter may score […]

5 ways to boost your IELTS Writing scores

5 ways to boost your IELTS writing scores

We at Career Care meet students preparing for IELTS from all over the world. It is interesting to observe that some of the mistakes in the Writing section of most of the students are similar despite the cultural variety and educational system. Based on our observations, we have shortlisted 5 ways to boost your IELTS […]

Why are you scoring 6.5 in IELTS Writing every time?

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Why are you scoring 6.5 bands in writing? After working with more than 3000 students who were preparing for IELTS General Training module, we have observed even candidates with proficient Listening, Reading and Speaking skills are stuck at 6.5 bands in Writing. Why is it so? We have observed a few patterns the way you […]