GRE | Analyse an issue 1

Many students from all over the world appear for GRE each year in order to apply for prestigious universities in USA, Germany and Canada. One of the main challenges these students face is Analytical Writing section which consists of two tasks. Task 1 is “Analyze an issue” and Task 2 is “Analyze an argument”. Essay […]

Why must you brainstorm in AWA on GRE?

While writing an essay on GRE, many students face challenges in completing the essay in time. Even if they do manage to write it in time, the essays are not well-developed as there are some loose ends here and there. According to ETS, among all test-takers average essay writing score is about 4, which indicates […]

Introduction to ‘Analyse an issue’ on GRE

On GRE-General test, first task that you must take on is ‘Analyse an issue’. You get exactly 30 minutes to type your response in console. GRE expects you to write about 350 words, however It is observed that a well-discussed take on an issue would consume about 500 words. In this task, you are presented […]