Business English Level 2: Go-getters

Who can join this level?

This is the second level of Business English. At this level, we work with people who can construct simple sentences. They lack confidence and commit mistakes in complex structures. If you find it difficult to maintain a conversation for more than 10 minutes, then this is the level for you.

What will I learn at this level?



In Go-getters, we start with the listening section because listening is the fundamental step of learning the English language. The level of English that we use for listening is higher than Beginners.  Here we learn to understand the complex structures in English so that our level of English can improve.


Manners and Etiquette

After listening, we focus on manners and etiquette so that students who wish to join industry will be able to handle corporate environment without any problem. Also, we introduce you to relevant words, typical phrases and idioms.


One-way Communication

The main objective of one way communication is to be able to explain your opinion or point of view with valid reasons and examples. This practice specifically helps you in interviews at the corporate level as well as talking in a formal environment. This is what you exactly do in your viva orals. We also dedicate some time for debates.


Two-way Communication

Two-way communication is specifically important when an individual is dealing with a corporate sector and has to converse for more than 10 to 15 minutes. In this, we focus on questions and counter questions which are asked to each other. Through two way communication, you will be able to communicate in English in an interview or in a formal situation with your boss or with your client.


Telephonic Conversations

We talk on mobile-phones every day. Your first interview is telephonic in any company and hence we would like to teach you the basics of telephone conversations. Moreover, when you are conversing on phone you have to rely only on your voice and message because body language is absent.



As far as grammar is concerned we focus on parts which are required for making better constructions of the sentences we introduce grammar throughout the course as and when required.


How are the batches for this level?

Duration Days Time
6 weeks Monday to Friday 60 minutes per day


Career Care #8, 33/14, Shree Prathamesh, Prabhat Road, Lane No. 5, Pune – 411004

Yes, I am interested in the course.

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