Business English Level 3: Freshers

Who can join this level?

This level is specifically designed for freshers as well as students having less than 2 years of experience so as to help them turn professionals. We assume the students at this level are already well versed with the structures and can cope with the grammar and sentence construction.

What will I learn at this level?



You may ask why listening? We believe, what you hear is what you think and what you think is what you speak. Hence, we focus on listening skills right at the start of the course. These sessions consist of many finely picked International presentations. We also advise you to tune into English News, listen to the English Commentary, to watch English movies. We are sure if you surround yourself with English, there is no reason you won’t learn it.


One – way communication

As the name of the technique suggests, once you become familiar with English through listening, we conduct speaking sessions. These sessions consist of exercises, games and role-plays. Here, the target is to be able to express your thoughts, ideas, concerns, opinions within 15 – 20 sentences. This is typically used in daily meetings where you find yourself tongue-tied.


Two-way communication

Once you gain confidence to express your thoughts and ideas, participants work in pairs or groups. As you start speaking in groups on different topics, many questions will start creeping into your mind. We teach techniques to tackle such situations. Within few days, you will gain confidence to speak to people. They may ask you questions on the opinion you expressed or after listening to someone you may have some questions to ask. We help you overcome this phase with thorough preparation.


Group Discussions

Group discussions are part of the selection process in most of the corporates and hence it is essential that you are well-acquainted with these. Our experienced trainers guide you on the best practices that you should adopt as far as group discussions are involved. They train you on strategies in an initiative, group involvement and leadership aspects that are mainly evaluated in group discussions.


Personal Interviews

How many times have you failed in personal interviews because you failed to explain yourself better or you did not know how to answer a particular question? We train you on winning strategies that shall win you the interviews as our trainers exactly know what is expected in personal interviews.


How are the batches for this level?

Duration Days Time
6 weeks Monday to Friday 60 minutes per day


Career Care #8, 33/14, Shree Prathamesh, Prabhat Road, Lane No. 5, Pune – 411004

Yes, I am interested in the course.

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