Business English Level 1: Beginners

Who can join this level?

This is the first level which is generally joined by students who can read and write without much difficulty, but find it difficult to speak more than 2 to 3 sentences. They generally are not very confident of their grammar and doubt their vocabulary.

What will I learn at this level?



Listening is the fundamental step of learning the English language. At Career care we have a number of listening exercises which will help you to understand simple sentence construction that will also help you to think in English.


Manners and Etiquette

India has many languages which are different from each other as every region has different cultures. Hence, mannerisms and the language changes according to the culture. Now, English is a foreign language. If we try to understand its culture it is easy for us to understand the language as we learn situational vocabulary in the process.


One-way Communication

One-way communication refers to one-way discourse which helps people to talk about routines, habits, introductions, descriptions, situations etc. We teach typical vocabulary which will help you to deal with such variety of circumstances.



This section will help your basic understanding of the construction of sentences in English. It includes parts of speech, basic sentence constructions, and tenses application.


How are the batches for this level?

Duration Days Time
6 weeks Monday to Friday 60 minutes per day


Career Care #8, 33/14, Shree Prathamesh, Prabhat Road, Lane No. 5, Pune – 411004

Yes, I am interested in the course.

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