TOEFL Course Work

Total course work for TOEFL is of 8 weeks, which is divided into two parts as follows:

8 weeks of course

Overall 8 weeks course work ensures that you are ready for the exam.

Prepare + Practice 6 weeks

Grasp exam structure, question patterns and strategies and then practice.

Mock tests in 2 weeks

Last 2 weeks are dedicated to 5 mock tests.


First 6  weeks are dedicated to following

Understand Exam Structure

Firstly, many students in their 15 or 16 years of education are so habitual to exam structures with fixed syllabus that they try to co-relate Indian exams with TOEFL, which is unfair on many levels. Secondly, being an English proficiency test it aims to test your English usage so as to determine whether you would survive an English-speaking environment. So, our trainers help you to know the exam structure and reasons to why do they structure the exam in such a manner.

Know more about TOEFL exam structure

Get familiar with Question Patterns

Once we are aware of the exam structure, and convinced that there are a lot of differences in the regular Indian exams and TOEFL we need to understand how is TOEFL different in question patterns? TOEFL is an internet based test. It aims to evaluate a candidate on all four aspects of language Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Learn the Strategies

Now once you are aware of exam structure and question patterns, our trainers help you understand the TOEFL strategies to tackle all four sections. These strategies are based on real-exam experiences and have helped our 80% students to score 100 or more out of 120.

Important Practice Sessions

With a vast experience, we understand that as there is no syllabus, you need to form right habits of tackling questions. These habits can be formed only by practice. We arrange practice sessions for our students during lectures itself. We aim that students solve each type of question 5 times in front of the trainer and the trainer gives a feedback on each attempt so that students improve with each attempt.

Last 2 weeks are dedicated following

Appear for 5 Mock tests

In order to ensure that you are well acquainted with the actual test patterns, we try to replicate the actual test as much as possible. These tests give you a correct analysis of your skills and approximate a range of score for on your actual TOEFL.



Tuesday to Friday | 1.5 hours daily



Saturday and Sunday | 3 hours daily


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