If you want to compete successfully in todayu2019s global workplace, Business English is for you. You will develop fluency, accuracy and specific communication skills required to advance confidently in your chosen career. The highly-qualified Career Care trainers ensure that participants are encouraged to develop speaking skills that are required in meetings, negotiations and on the telephone.

Our content developers have more than 25 years of experience in teaching English to people from various walks of life. They take into account age, qualification, experience and expectation of individuals in order to design curriculum for each course.

This program is designed by people who have spent number of years in Industry at the highest levels and, hence includes actual workable solutions in all the modules. It is conducted by people who have vast training experience to Institutes like IITs & NITs and also Private Industries. From our past experiences and students feedback we are confident that this is a complete package that will open new avenues.

Following are the 3 levels of Business English

If you can neither express familiar topics nor start a conversation and grammar is an issue, this is the level for you.

If youu00a0can manage familiar topics, short conversations but unfamiliar topics, long conversation and sentence structure is an is an issue

If youu00a0can manage regular and familiar conversations but cannot manage Interviews, Groups Discussion and Corporate