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Ace your interview preparation (2 of 3)

We have observed many times, eligible candidates fail an interview not on technical ground but on overall presentation. Everyone is nervous before an interview. To overcome it you need to practice a lot… In one of the interviews Shah Rukh Khan (Bollywood Actor, as if you did not know?) told viewers that there is only secret to success and that is practice. If you have done it 500 times, do it 501st time. So let’s first start from where we left last week. Last week we discussed how to research company’s profile and background. Click here to revisit that article.

Anticipate Questions from the interviewer. It will pay off to anticipate what questions an interviewer might ask. If you are a technical person, list down common topics on which you expect questions. Go through your projects of recent past, brush up your objective, Standard procedures, your contributions and difficulties you faced. As far as interview with Human Resources is concerned prepare answers for commonly asked questions. Practice them well.

 Think of questions to ask your interviewer. Quality of your questions tells interviewer about your enthusiasm to join the organization. Easy questions that could have been answered with simple internet search would give an impression that you are not serious or you are lazy to search about the company you wish to join. It’s a good idea to come prepared with at least three thought-provoking questions to ask your interviewer.

  • Ask questions related to your future prospects. “Which are new markets the company is planning to explore in next couple of years?” or “What are the chances for professional growth in this job opportunity?” Questions like these show that you wish to align with company’s point of view.
  • Ask questions about your interview. If there are few company related terminology or procedure that you heard first time, ask about them. It shows that you are interested in knowing the company well. Do not ask general questions just for the sake of asking it. It may show that you did not pay attention well in the interview.

Practice with a friend. Discuss with your friends about your good qualities. Note down various anecdotes and which supplement specific claims in your resume or your qualities. Practice telling these to your friend. Practice giving concise, complete answers and maintaining eye contact with the interviewer(s) while you give them. Make sure you aren’t speaking too slow or too fast and that your answers are stated with confidence.

  • Ask your friend to rate your responses. See if he is convinced. Even if you think their feedback isn’t on the mark, it will help you for sure.
  • Know basically what you want to talk about before the interview. If you’re stumbling and fumbling for an answer on a very basic question, you’re not putting your best foot forward. Have your very basic answers down pat, and anticipate some of the tougher questions before you step into the interview.

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