When to use accept and except?

People seem to use these two words almost interchangeably. Let’s have a look at these two confusing words.


Origin of this word from ad/ac + capio (to take) from Latin accepto (receive)


  1. To take or to receive
  2. To agree or to consent
  3. To respond or answer affirmatively
  4. To undertake the responsibility
  5. To receive or admit formally
  6. To accommodate
  7. To regard as true

How to use it?

  1. I hope you accept this by the time the baby is born.
  2. Give her a little time to accept the idea.
  3. Maybe she should accept a few dates now and then.
  4. He knew she would accept his family – unconditionally.
  5. With regret, she realized her father was right: no one could accept someone like her.


It originates from exceptus (Latin)


  1. used to indicate exclusion of something.

How it is used?

  1. There were all there except me.
  2. They didn’t have anything she didn’t possess – except
  3. Used to imply only
  4. Otherwise then


How it is used?

  1. I don’t believe in catch-and-release except if the fish is simply too small.
  2. well fortified except here

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