Vocabulary: Discrete VS Discreet

Discreet implies the showing of reserve and prudence in one’s behavior or speech.

Discrete means something quite different: “distinct, separate and unrelated.”


It originates from Latin word – Discretus (Separated)

Discrete mainly means the expression of something being very Different/Unique and separated.

Used as Verb

To express the meaning of difference

“For making the lesson more easy, they discrete them into various segments”

Used as Adjective

To express the uniqueness of the object

“His ideas were always discrete, regardless of any situation”


It originates from Middle English Discret

Discreet is the word used to express the extreme inclination or support of anything or anybody towards anyone or anything.

Used as Adjective

It is used to indicate if judicious in one’s conduct or speech

“The French language was to be enriched by a development of its internal resources and by discreet borrowing from the Latin and Greek.”


When you differentiate between two things then you use discrete to state the differentiation of both the things

But, when you are reserved or judicious for some person or something, you shall be using discreet to express your reserved attitude towards the person or the things.

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