Talking about morality

Talking about morality can sometime be confusing. Can you confidently tell difference between amoral and immoral? Here is the guideline.


It originates from a- + moral


  1. (acts) not concerned with morality; neither moral or immoral

An amoral society will eventually destroy itself.

  1. (people) having no moral standards or oblivious to standards of morality

Andrew for his part is one in a long line of highly intelligent and charismatic yet utterly amoral Buchan villains.


It originates from im- + moral


  1. (people or groups or behaviour) violating moral principle; not adhering to patterns of conduct accepted by society as moral

The sale of slaves (male and female) for immoral and gladiatorial purposes was forbidden.

  1. Licentious

Bacchan was unscrupulous, insincere and notoriously immoral, but he was pleasing in his manners.

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