Ensure you use Assure and Insure right.

Assure, Ensure and Insure

Many people are not sure, if they should assure ensure insure other person. We are going to cover the difference between these three words today.


Assure originates from as + secure where as- is variant ad- meaning towards.

Used as verb

  1. To declare earnestly or positively to give confidence

“He assured her that everything would be alright.”

  1. To promise

“The airliner assured safe landing considering their recent history of landings.”

In short, assure is used to indicate confidence in actions or steps taken by the person. It is used to remove any doubts in people’s minds, involved in the activity.


Ensure originates from en + sure where en- is a prefix meaning to cause to

Used as verb

  1. To secure or guarantee

“The letter from BCCI ensured that guilty players would face stern action.”

In short, ensure is used in order to guarantee a particular action will be taken. It is used to promise an activity that eventually will result in desired result.


Insure is a variant of ensure

Used as Verb

  1. To guarantee against harm or loss

“Thank God! Your car is insured.”

In short, insure is used to guarantee that even in case of unexpected results harm or loss will be compensated by its equivalent trade.

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Do you live by principle or principal?

Do you always get confused between ‘principal’ and ‘principle’ while drafting? Here are some guidelines.


This word comes from Old French Principe, from Latin principium

Noun and how it’s used?

  1. An accepted or professed rule of action or conduct

The principle of equality of nations that inhabit our country is strictly adhered by.

  1. a fundamental assumption

We need some sort of principles to reason from.

  1. a fundamental doctrine or tenet; a distinctive ruling opinion

There are principles of natural justice.

  1. a personal or specific basis of conduct or management

I don’t doubt your principles.

  1. A rule or law of nature, or the basic idea on how the laws of nature are applied

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics implies that vacuum fluctuations are present in every quantum theory.


This word is derived from Latin prīncipālis which is equivalent to prīncip (prince) + -ālis (kind of)

Adjective and how it’s used?

  1. first or highest in rank,importance,value;chief;foremost

After all she went through; her principal worry was that you were going to beat her with your hairbrush.

  1. Constituting capital

A principal investment

Noun and how it’s used?

  1. A chief or head especially of school or college

We met with the principal who looked it all over.

  1. (Law) One who directs another to act on one′s behalf

When an attorney represents a client, the client is the principal who permits the attorney, the client′s agent, to act on the client′s behalf.

  1. (Law) Primary participant in a crime

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