IELTS Speaking Test 2 – Sample Answers

Here are next set of answers to typical IELTS speaking questions.

Part 1

Is your hometown a good place to live?

It’s the best place to live in India according to me as it’s famously known for its weather and job opportunities. It’s Bangalore. We are growing and known as Silicon Valley of India.

What sort of jobs do people do in your hometown?

Since it’s a cosmopolitan city and popularly called as the silicon valley of India most people do jobs related to computers and many are young entrepreneurs. Having said that, many people are also engaged in the manufacturing industry. Apart from these, there are small business owners and bureaucrats.

In which part of your hometown do most people live?

Since Bengaluru is one of the rapidly changing cities of  Asia people live everywhere in the city. There is no special zone for most people to live, there’s no seclusion. There are people everywhere.

Where did you play in your hometown when you were a child?

I mostly played in the nearby park as a child. Other children my age and I used to play cricket, hockey, and football there. Also, in summers, I used to visit my village where I played the most and enjoyed a lot.

How often do you go to the cinema?

Since I am not a movie buff I don’t watch movies often. Still, I must say, once in three months I visit the cinema.

 Do you prefer to watch a movie at the cinema or at home?

I ‘d prefer to watch movies at home as it is more comfortable, flexible and economical. However, I enjoy watching 3D movies at the cinema.

Which film from your childhood do you remember the most?

It must be this Hindi blockbuster movie called Mohra because of the plot, cast, and  amazing songs. This reminds me of those summer vacations with my cousins which were so amazing.

What’s your favourite film now?

It is still the same. Must say a good movie never loses its charm. I still watch it if its on TV on a weekend afternoon or so.

Part 2

Describe an interesting place that you have visited as a tourist.

  • Where this place is
  • Why you went there
  • What you did there
  • Explain why you thought this place was so interesting

The most amazing place I have been to so far is Koh Samui, a beautiful island in Thailand. Thailand is hardly four-hour flight from India. It kept me spellbound throughout. The scenic beauty of the place offered me much more than I had expected.

I went there on a vacation with my family. We started from my hometown Bengaluru by flight till Kolkata. Then, we had a hopping flight to Thailand. We had a gala time in amusement parks which suit a perfect tourist destination. Although I am not a big fan of these rides, I was happy to see my family members chilling in the dangerous rides. Also, we visited zoos in Thailand. There I saw an Albino Tiger which is one of the rarest species and on the verge of extinction. Apart from visiting these places, we shopped on famous streets. Despite the communication barrier, locals were very cooperative and cheerful while shopping. It was a haven for shopping buffs like me. While traveling, we enjoyed the food there as Thailand is known for street food. Tried all kinds of cuisines there, from sea food to banana pan cakes. Not to forget the fun on the beautiful beaches of Pattaya, we were content to watch beautiful sunrise and sunsets from the beaches.

We decided to visit Thailand simply because we needed family time for a long time. We wanted to be rejuvenated. Also, Thailand is an economical and nearby tourist destination.

This trip was fascinating because I had the opportunity to travel by all the means of transport at once for the first time making it my most memorable experience so far.

Part 3:

What areas of a town or city do tourists often like to visit?

In my opinion,Tourists would often love to visit monuments of great historical significance, shopping complexes, and eateries. Many people also choose to visit museums and art galleries, although I am not sure, nowadays, I am not sure about their popularity.

How important is it for local governments to look after popular tourist attractions?

In many successful tourist friendly nations, I have observed and read that the secret behind such places is the strong support of local governments to its citizens. So it is really important that local governments look after these destinations as tourists are drawn to well-maintained attractions readily increasing business for local people.

Should people pay to visit attractions such as museums and galleries?

According to me, museums and art galleries should collect minimal entrance fees to maintain the premises and pay their staff. I am against exorbitant prices which I have seen in some of the museums.

How should tourists behave when they are in a different country?

As the saying goes-’ When in Rome, do as Romans do’ I strongly believe in this to avoid any mishaps. Tourists should read a bit about the culture and history of the place they are visiting so that they respect the sentiment of the host country. Worse! they can avoid any awkward standoffs.

What can local papers do to help tourists to enjoy their visit?

Locals can be friendly, helpful and kind to help tourists enjoy their stay. At least they should not try to take advantage of the stranded ones. I think trustworthy hosts are always warm and remembered for years to come by the tourists.

What can tourists learn from visiting new places?

Hmmmm………..Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller. Tourists learn the customs, tradition and culture and get first had information about the places they visit.


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IELTS Speaking Test 1 – Sample Answers

We are getting request to post sample answers for IELTS speaking section from all over India. We have created this post to help our students outside Pune. More are to follow these. Like our writing posts, we hope you like these samples as well.

Part 1:

Tell me something about your secondary school.

Well, I did my schooling in Modern High School which was hardly few minutes from my house. We had a huge building which was more than 100 years old with a big library and well-equipped laboratory. Also, there was a big playground where we used to play regularly. Our teachers were well experienced and famous for being strict overall.

Which subject did you find the most difficult at school?

I found Mathematics incredibly difficult until I met my professor at the college who made my life easy. I felt that Maths is inherently difficult because we had to remember so many formulae.

Do you ever need that subject now?

Yes, I do. However, it’s used in an elementary form in my day to day routine in the form of transactions essentially. There is not much to fear about it.

What did you enjoy about being a school student?

I liked to meet my friends more often, play more and eat more. As a child, I was careless because of my elder siblings who studied along with me in the same school and used to care for me. I think I enjoyed all those things.

Are there any famous buildings in your hometown?  What are they?

Yes, there are many famous buildings in my hometown such as Shaniwarwada and the District Court to name a few. They are well known for their appearance and architecture among people.

In what type of buildings do most people of your hometown live?

A majority of people live in modern buildings especially in apartments due to lack of space for independent houses. There are some bunglows in plush areas of the town and very cramped houses sporadically. However, mostly people stay in apartments.

Should buildings be attractive to look at?

Definitely, as it increases the aesthetic point of view to a place making it even more special, such as houses in Bhutan. The buildings are so unique and beautiful!

What is the most unusual building you have ever seen?

Hmmmm….. Burj Khalifa in Abu Dhabi is the most spectacular building I have ever come across till date. The sheer architecture is breathtakingly beautiful making it the tallest building in the world by 300 m.

Part 2:

Describe an interesting story that you have heard or read about in the news.

  • When you heard or read about the story
  • What the story was about
  • Why the story was in the news
  • And explain why you thought the story was interesting

A few months ago I read about Ishita Katyal on the internet news while looking for interesting TED talks.

She is the youngest TED speaker from India who was just 10 years old back then. What surprised me, even more, is her intellectual speech filled with witty and captivating sentences spoken in the TED video which I watched immediately after I read an article about her. She speaks about the importance of choices left to children and why we as adults shouldn’t bother children by asking questions about their future. This news was an eye opener for me and provided me with useful tips.

Her take on the topic was interesting to me as this little girl makes so much of sense. News about her flashed everywhere on the internet highlighting the fact that she too is from Pune making me feel proud as I too live in Pune. Apart from being a speaker, she is also an author of a book published by Penguins.

This news left me pondering about how careful we should be as adults when we strike a conversation with a child. It was indeed enlightening and suggest all to read this news.

Part 3:

When do people like to read the newspapers?

In my country, people generally read newspapers at the beginning of the day sipping a cup of tea or coffee. They love it that way. Due to busy schedules, some like to read it while travelling or even in lunch breaks.

How important is it for people to have a choice of a newspaper?

Choices are essential. The freedom to choose a newspaper from a huge variety empowers the reader in terms of different sources of the truth and to check if the news delivered is reliable and trustworthy. For example, in a multilingual country like India, it is essential that people are able to access news in their mothertongue which is possible with variety of newspapers.

What does a good newspaper contain?

According to me, a good news paper contains truth in an unbiased form irrespective of the possible consequences the management could face. Because it is the primary objective of a newspaper to say the truth as it is. Plus, there should a variety of topics covered.

Why do some people choose to read the news on the internet rather than in a newspaper?

Internet news is easily accessible, user-friendly and instant. Internet news is preferred by some people especially the young generation over a newspaper.

How is internet news different from the news you read in the newspaper?

Internet news is more interactive, lively and user-friendly than a newspaper. In addition, it is eco- friendly too. Its also updated every second as opposed to 24-hour cycle for newspapers. Although newspaper is tangible reading news on the internet is trending.

Will internet news ever replace newspapers?

Most likely it may replace but will take considerable time for that because more and more people feel reading on the internet is more comfortable. Therefore , newspapers may become obsolete in  the future.

IELTS Essay 11


Some people believe that television programmes are of no real value for children.

How far do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


Television is one of rarest legacies of twentieth century that we have carried in this world of smart gadgets which are loaded with information and entertainment through thousands of channels. While children are exposed to this content all the time, least priority is allotted to evaluate about repercussions of the development.

Firstly, cartoons form main pedigree of young television viewership which exposes youngsters to foul language as well as violence resulting into children disobeying parents. Secondly, movies, songs and daily soaps paint a disoriented picture of relations, work ethics and overall life which sometimes lead to glorification of negative traits denting innocent minds for the lifetime. Thirdly, in this tender age, adolescents get easily lured by sports-events like wrestling, imitating which have has resulted into many accidents or injuries and still continues till date.

At the same time, it’s worthwhile to note that there are many informative shows-may be very rare compared other programs-on science, technology, history and art, which have potential to impact child’s future career choice, must be encouraged. In addition, sports like Cricket, Tennis and many more can motivate them to pursue for lifetime, imbibing them with its importance. However, it’s a common sight in every household that children are attracted towards the programs which have negative implications. Even parents are to be blamed for lack of guidance and monitoring on their off-springs’s television habits.

Looking back, most influential television shows impart inappropriate information and may also rob off children of their innocence. In fact, they make them biased in life choices, which is detrimental. In conclusion, current television programs are worthless for children.

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IELTS Essay 9

This IELTS essay is a response from one of our students in Writing Section 2. In real IELTS he received a score of 7.5 overall in Writing. I hope it helps aspirants to prepare in better ways.


Nowadays, many employers judge an employee on their attire while others believe that work performance should be evaluated.

Discuss both point of views and state your opinion.

Use relevant reasons and examples to support your answer.


An old saying, “Do not Judge a book by its cover” is probably more applicable today than ever before.  Employers nowadays have seen to pay a lot of importance to employee attires rather than the performance of his/her work. In my opinion, this is misleading the employees and drifting them away from their work performance. Employers should evaluate employee based on the task they are assigned in comparison to any other criteria.

The primary job for which an employee is hired by the employer is to deliver goals, complete targets while not compromising on company’s values.  Let’s take the case of Employee performance evaluation where an employee is assessed on skills such as leadership, communication, team player etc. not the physical appearance. Additionally, An employee’s attire may not be as appealing such as others due to various reasons such as inexperience to corporate norms, poor financial condition, less access to resources etc. Sometime, this misconception can hamper an organization by demoralizing employees leading to high attrition rate.

Attires do reflect an individual’s personality and it is important to have pleasant and appropriate dressing, but, these are limitations of an individual grooming which can be taken care in a short span of time. Some people believe that, sectors like hospitality industry is all about best dress up, but that’s not true. An Air Hostess who is suited best compared to other sectors but the key qualities which sets her apart are humbleness, smiling face, politeness

In all, performance and key skills of an individual required for a particular job outweighs the importance of dress up. Physical appearance may be absent due to multiple reasons and can be taken care of. However, judging an employee by his clothes not by his/her work is an injustice and need to be understood by employers.

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Useful Vocabulary: Collocations in writing 2

Encouraged by response to our previous post on Collocations we are introducing new sets of collocations this week. These will definitely help you improve vocabulary

A collocation is a sequence of words or terms that co-occur more often than would be expected by chance. Instead of going through technicality we are introducing few workable set of words which can be definitely used in Business English, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS.

  1. Workable solution

Usage: to describe a feasible fixture/ solution for the task at hand

Example: “As far as pollution is concerned, reducing carbon emission is the only workable solution.”

  1. Fruitful results

Usage: results which are positive and intended

Example: Our efforts in the case of the celebrity have borne the fruitful results as the court has denied the bail to her.

  1. Unexpected results/outcomes/consequences

Usage: results which may be negative or positive but not intended for sure

Example: This line of medical treatment is not on expected timeline, we are observing unexpected consequences of the medicines.

  1. Adverse effect

Usage: to denote effects which are unfavorable or antagonistic results

Example: This medicine is good for treating high blood pressure, but can also have some adverse effects, such as light-headedness.

  1. Unpardonable offense

Usage: to convey the offense that is very serious and cannot be forgiven

Example: Domestic violence against women must be treated as unpardonable offense, if we wish to see gender equality in India.

  1. Punishable act

Usage: actions which are worth punishment and should not be shown mercy

Example: The latest news about an Indian politician shook him. He said, “How could he not be arrested for punishable act?”

  1. Devastating effects/impact/consequence

Usage: to denote the highest form of destruction as result of the particular action

Example: Lack of mapping in India had a devastating impact on rescue operations during tsunami.

  1. Invaluable contribution

Usage: to imply contribution that is of immense value

Example: Mahatma Gandhi had invaluable contribution to India’s Freedom struggle

  1. Unchallenging faith

Usage: to ascertain the faith that cannot be challenged

Example: Have unchallenging faith on my methods, in order to crack GRE comfortably.

  1. Unprecedented growth

Usage: to express the astonishing growth that was unseen or unexpected

Example: Because of foreign investments, India has witnessed unprecedented growth in her cities.

  1. Undesirable results/consequences/effects

Usage: results which were not desired or not wished for (normally negative)

Example: Unprecedented growth in Indian cities has brought in undesirable effects such as traffic jams.

  1. Enviable growth

Usage: to denote that the growth rate or amount, so healthy that some may envy the progress

Example: Mr. Grover’s new BMW car was testimony to his enviable growth.

  1. Multifaceted career

Usage: career which is rich with multiple skills and achievements

Example: My father always insisted on having multifaceted career so that, I can have bright future.

  1. Ruthless crimes

Usage: A crime which was committed without worrying about the pain inflected or compassion

Example: She could feel shivers through her spine as she was reading about the ruthless crime.

  1. Cold-blooded murder

Usage: Murder or act of killing someone without a tinge of regret or any emotions

Example: While writing his new novel, author wanted describe cold-blooded murder in most elaborative fashion.

  1. Unending options

Usage: Multiple options that may seem without any end

Example: Unending options on telephone call just for ordering Pizza was irritating for her, so she chose to hang up and went to the restaurant.

  1. Thoughtless acts

Usage: Actions that were without any consideration of consequences

Example: As a teenager, she did not understand why her parents question her every action and judge it to be a thoughtless act.

  1. Burgeoning price/demand

Usage: Prices or demands which are increasing rapidly

Example: He knew, to match with kid’s burgeoning demands, he needs to ask for a raise in his salary.


Many students are confused, if they should appear for IELTS or TOEFL when they are planning to study abroad. We decided to look into the comparison of the two tests and discuss criteria for deciding which is appropriate for them individually. This also serves as frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the candidates who wish to appear for the exam.

Full nameInternational English Language Test SystemTest of English as a Foreign Language
Who conducts them?British Council,

IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment

Educational Testing Services (ETS), USA
What is the syllabus?No, there is no syllabus. It is English Proficiency test.No, there is no syllabus. It is English Proficiency test.
What is the format?There are two versions

·         IELTS Academic

·         IELTS General

Both have 4 Sections

·         Listening

·         Speaking

·         Reading

·         Writing

4 Sections

·         Listening

·         Speaking

·         Reading

·         Writing

How is the exam scored?Each section is scored on the scale of 0 to 9. Final score is average of the four sections.Each section is scored on the scale of 0 to 30. Final score is addition of all four.
Is it paper based or computer based?Paper basedComputer based
What is the eligibility to appear for the exam?No restrictions as such, but need to understand other conditions where candidate wishes to apply with these scoresNo restrictions as such, but need to understand other conditions where candidate wishes to apply with these scores
What courses can I pursue after appearing for the exam?Candidate can apply to all courses which recognize these exams.Candidate can apply to all courses which recognize these exams.
What documents must I carry on the exam day?Valid PassportValid Passport
How many educational institutions in USA accept this score?Approximately 4500Approximately 5850
How many educational institutions in Australia accept this score?Approximately 880Approximately 160
How many educational institutions in UK accept this score?Approximately 330Approximately 470
How many educational institutions in Germany accept this score?Approximately 200Approximately 250

Statistics in the table is verified on 15th February 2016. Career Care advises students to cross-check the data on respective websites before taking final decision.

IELTS Essay 8

Today for a change we are publishing essay of one of our students. This may not be a perfect one, but it satisfies most of the evaluation criterion of IELTS. We are aware that there are a few mistakes; still we decided to go ahead. Your comments are welcome.

Even though doctors over the world agree that fast food is bad for people’s health, more and more people are eating it.

Why are more people eating fast food?

What can be done about this problem?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


Globalization has its own adverse effects, out of which one is growing acceptance towards fast food. According to dieticians this has escalated a few health related disorders like blood pressure, diabetes and cardio-vascular problems. Doctors suggest that a healthy life cycle can be modularized into ten percent of workout, ten percent of rest and eighty percent efforts in good diet.

However, today’s youngsters are so much burdened with their daily chores that they tend to seek an easy source of food which they think is fast food. Multi-national companies creating marketing strategies to persuade their clients have influenced today’s generation around the globe for fast food. Moreover, easy availability of such food stuffs have made people lazy. Apart from this, time constraints have created a myth in the minds of the civilians regarding quick to cook and fine to eat plus the stimulation of the taste glands have made such food items the most favorite.

Beside this there is a small clan of people who have stuck to the traditional habits of eating healthy, cuisines no matter whether one is travelling car far away from their home. From my personal experiences, a healthy diet can not only have a positive effect on one’s efficiency but also it will help to gain a healthy life in the future. Once we develop these good habits, we do evolve those types of taste glands and adding a few nutritional spices will just escalate the taste of healthy food as well. For example, a salad can be made interesting by adding a little lime juice and tinge of salt.

To summarize, we need to publicize the advantages of nutritional food through social media or with the help of government creating awareness. One step today will make this world a better place to live in just as it is said, “an apple a day keeps doctor away”.

IELTS Essay 7


Car ownership has increased so rapidly in recent years that one of the major problems that modern cities face is traffic jam.

What are the causes of this increase in traffic?

What should governments do in order to dissuade people from using cars?

Causes: Population explosion, migration, inadequate public transport, finances, increased expenditures, competitions, loans

Recommendations: Better public transport, Carpooling, Awareness programmes, restriction, taxation


Nobody has escaped the brunt of long traffic queues in modern cities after office. In recent years, number of cars in cities have seen unprecedented growth which has been major factor contributing to the overall traffic in cities. An overview of the situation makes it very clear that this is high time to take remedial actions.

Recent thirty years stands witness to the population explosion which has also produced tremendous business potential in cities. This growth has accelerated migration from rural to urban area which further augmented populations in urban areas. At the same time, governments could not keep up with this exponential growth in terms of public transport. Increase in populations coupled with lack of public transport made sure that cars market is booming. This boom saw accent of many giant automotive companies who with financial clouts allured the customers with attractive discounts and easy loans. This competition has taken us to a place where cities may not afford any further increase in number of cars. As a result, government must dissuade public from using cars which can be a big respite to traffic woes.

In order to control traffic jams, governments must upgrade public transportation which is accessible enough and safe. Moreover, Carpooling has come out as clear winner to complement public transportation as it helps people share resources. Also, awareness programs in offices, public places and all forms of media can come in handy. In some cities desperate measures like control over car ownership and heavy taxation on fuels may prove effective.

In retrospection, population explosion, inadequate public transport, better finances have all fueled the increase in number of cars. Government should pay attention to infrastructure along with help from private and public stakeholders to spread awareness and restrictions.

IELTS Essay 6


Some people work for the same organization all their working life. Others think that it is better to work for different organizations.

Discuss both these point of views and give your opinion.

Same organization: Comfort level, Trust with management, expert in field, chances of promotion; complacency in work, limited exposure, unskilled, biased views – liability, no growth

Different organizations: Initial struggle, expert in field, better exposure, quick opportunities, Skills enhancement, chances of promotion; confused work cultures, loss of confidence


In today’s ever-changing world some people seek comfort in working with same organization for lifetime while, others ambitiously jump from one job to another. Both options have their unique offerings which are fervently debated by modern day employees. In my opinion, working for different organizations is a challenge, if accepted can open doors to exciting career with multiple opportunities.

They say “Change is the only constant”. Change in jobs, poses seemingly insurmountable hurdles, initially in the career as one must start new assignment with a clean slate and prove the worth each time. If each time these shifts in organizations are approached as opportunities, new doors open in terms of betterment of skills, expansion of network and exposure to multiple cultures. With the progress in the career all these additions to professional profile makes Resume’ indispensable. Agreed that, this strategy takes time, if planned well, it can be an assured way to launch a successful career.

However, few people doubt the strategy. Doomsayers predict the failure even before start of the career and advice not to change organization. They predict fruitful relations with Senior Management because of the mutual trust which will sow the seeds of professional growth for the person in same organization. At the same time they must answer few questions: What if one does not get international experience? What if the opportunities are lost because of seniority? What if ego clashes stop your career growth?

After contemplating both sides career path through different organizations can take a person at zenith where he may evolve as well rounded personality. On contrary, being in same organization poses more hurdles than opportunities with limited exposure. As a long term strategy it is always a better option to work for different organizations.


Fervently: having great warmth, felling or intensity, insurmountable: problem which is almost impossible to solve, indispensible: very important, doomsayers: one who predicts disasters all the time, contemplating: thinking thoroughly about both sides about a topic, zenith: peak of the career

IELTS Sample Essay 5


Some people say that show person like celebrities and sportsperson are heavily paid which is not justified as compared to other professions while some people totally perceive their remuneration highly justified.

What is your stand point?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


Remuneration of celebrities and sports person has always triggered spirited debates. Some people look at their life as glittering with flamboyance and hence condemn the huge payments while few advocate it as a justice for number of reasons. The viewpoint of latter group equally stands up to my scrutiny for rationales reproduced here.

How can we forget the time a celebrity has been bashed by a website or a tabloid newspaper for something highly infinitesimal which an ordinary Joe could freely do without even being pinched? Yet another subtle mercy crops out of the situation where they are unfairly engaged in uncountable disproportionate fights with their hands tied to their back and mouth thickly plastered. Another nauseate notion of celebrities having forfeited their privacy for fame rules. Rather a celebrity gets deprived of being himself and has to act from dawn to dusk. A star’s every moment is a testing moment for which he stays in perpetual trainings.

Primary premise for the jaundiced eye towards high inflows in celebrities’ life is that, ‘it is too easy to be successful’. It is very easy to notice the glamour but the hardships, these celebrities have endured are utterly ignored and rather served only in their biographies once in their lifetime.

Survival of the fittest rules the roost making show person’s tenure too short as nobody worships the setting sun. For all the aforementioned reasons it becomes unassailable that remuneration handed over to leading lights is earned by them and rationally commensurate their labour.


Envisage – view; Glittering – shining; Flamboyance – charm; Condemn – criticize; Rationales – reasons; Bash – strike; Infinitesimal – extremely small; Disproportionate – unequally weighed; Nauseate – sickening; Forfeit – surrender; Dawn to dusk – morning till night; Perpetual – timeless/everlasting; Unassailable – something that cannot be questioned; Commensurate – proportionate

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