IELTS Writing Task 1 | General Training | Sample 10

You bought a TV a week ago but when you got home you discovered it did not work properly. You called customer service to report the problem but you have not yet received any help.

Write a letter to the company and in your letter

  • introduce yourself
  • explain the problem
  • and state what action you would like from the company

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Sir or Madam,


Dear sir or madam,

My name is Amit Shah and I am one of your frequent customers. I am writing this letter to report the faulty TV that I purchased from your company on Tuesday last week.

On Tuesday, 12 June, I visited your store following a recommendation from friends to buy a Samsung LED TV which has the code 40L657B40. On purchasing this TV, I was assured that this was the latest model and the best buy. However, after installation of the TV in home, I discovered that not only the remote control is unreliable but also the quality of the picture is quite blurry. I immediately called your customer Service Department which assured me of the replacement with a new TV within 2 days. I am disappointed to state that neither replacement nor repair has been undertaken by your people. Worst! the communication since then from our side is not even being properly responded.

I am exceedingly displeased with both the quality of the product I purchased from your company as well as the poor service I have received since. I hope this problem will be resolved promptly. I expect to receive a replacement TV or have my current TV repair but only if it could be fixed within a day.

I look forward to hearing back from you immediately. Thanking you for your attention.

Yours faithfully,

Amit Shah

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IELTS Writing Task 1 | General Training | Sample 9

Many professionals from India appear for IELTS – General Training each year in order to apply for permanent residency in Canada and Australia. One of the main challenges these professional face is IELTS writing section which consists of two tasks. Task 1 is Letter Writing and Task 2 is Essay Writing. We have already published few samples of writing task 1.

The task of letter writing expects you to write a letter in minimum 150 words. Reader judges your letter on factors such as Task Achievement, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resources, and Grammatical Range and Accuracy. Here, we have decided to publish samples by our students which can guide students preparing for IELTS online.

You recently read an article in newspaper about someone you know personally. You found some information is wrong.

Write a letter to the editor to inform him about it. Use following points:

  • What is the article about?
  • What is the error?
  • What you expect an editor to do?

Dear Sir,

I am John Wright from London. I am writing to you regarding the recent article you published about Sir David Markham last week, April 2nd, in The Times newspaper.

The article recounts a brief biography of Sir David’s life and then continues to focus on his work and the impact it has had on modern politics. The biography starts with his birth in Edinburgh and his later move in 1962 to the Durham University. From there, it focuses on his work with the UNESCO.

I would like to bring an error in your article to your kind attention. Documentation shows that Sir David did not attend the University of the Durham, in 1961. In fact, he took a gap year in Europe working with a volunteer program and then joined the university in 1962. I know this as I worked with him in the same camp and became friends with him. His year abroad, which is absent from your article, forged a foundation of his philosophy of life and his work in later years.

I hope you will publish this rectification in the newspaper. Sir David’s work is still of immense importance and people should know the significance of that year’s gap in his life.

Looking forward to a positive reply.

Yours faithfully,

John Wright

Did you like this post? We have helped more than 1000 students last year in Pune to prepare for IELTS. You can enquire about us below.