Are effects of your poor English affecting your career?

Yes! If this is the answer, we are here to help you out.

We have observed that there are few grammatical mistakes that usually occur unconsciously during speaking or writing English.  The words “affect” and “effect” are frequently misused and confused. They have no senses in common.  Both words can be used either as nouns or verbs. But “affect” is almost always a verb, whereas “effect” is more commonly used as a noun than it is as a verb.

Now we will simplify the use of affect and effect as both noun and verb as given in the below tabular format.




 Although it is not used in daily conversations, it is sometimes used as a Psychological term.

When ‘affect’ is used as verb, it implies that the word is used to have an influence on; to impress or to move; to produce a change in something or someone

For Example:

His study was intended to show how alcohol affects the reaction time of medicine.


Effect is used as noun in a sentence when it shows any result or outcome from some specific activity.

For Example:

They discussed the effects of mediation on Corporate.

When Effect is used as a verb in a sentence it usually implies To produce a result. To cause something to occur; to bring about an outcome.

For Example:

Cutbacks were introduce to effect basic economics of the firm.


So be ready to make almost all verbs “affect.”

 And be ready to make virtually all nouns “effect.”