Why should graduates go to career counselor?

Have you ever wondered what makes you a good future employee? We do. We have come up with Career Counseling test for budding professionals.

Many graduates are confused about field of interest that they should take. While many chase money, only few care to find their area of interest. Finding your interest with conventional methods may take a lot of time. Many get frustrated and start chasing money. In this endeavor, they think that their English, Mathematics and loads of degrees, will fetch them a good job. They are wrong. There are various other aspects that the employer looks forward to have in an employee. For the employer it’s about hiring the person who will best fit the job; from a skills, intelligence, personality and cultural perspective.

  1. What do I get out of that?

Career testing results provide a behavioral profile of you – your interests (Personality test) and level of skills (aptitude tests). Interests depend on natural bent towards a particular field whereas, skills indicate what field you will be able to perform. Comparison of two helps you take an informed decision about overall job profile that you may handle. The profile will indicate whether you can solve problems, are you a team player or whether you prefer to work individually, and other relevant attributes.

  1. Make sure you are in relaxed state

You need to be at your best to produce meaningful results in these testing. Tiredness or uneasiness is likely to severely damage your scores in the Personality or Aptitude tests. Peaceful mind is capable making sound judgments and take right decisions. Make sure you are well rested and try to take decent breaks in between aptitude tests to ensure you regain your energy.

  1. Don’t Practice. Be yourself.

Unfamiliar advice? Right? Familiarizing yourself with the typical content and format of psychometric tests won’t give you any advantage. In fact, it has been observed that test taker becomes biased especially in Personality Test in order to tilt results in line with preconceived notions. Be yourself. We know that’s the easiest advice to give and hardest to follow. Attempt to follow this advice during, would definitely help you get genuine results

  1. It’s better to give online exams, rather than getting online in social media.

We administer our Career Tests online, and therefore, attempting this test in relaxed mind becomes really easy. It is important that you don’t take any assistance and be honest. After all, results predict your interest and your skills in great details. External help may hamper quality of the results.

So are you ready for the test? Just click here and try for yourself.