Useful Vocabulary: Collocations in writing 2

Encouraged by response to our previous post on Collocations we are introducing new sets of collocations this week. These will definitely help you improve vocabulary

A collocation is a sequence of words or terms that co-occur more often than would be expected by chance. Instead of going through technicality we are introducing few workable set of words which can be definitely used in Business English, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS.

  1. Workable solution

Usage: to describe a feasible fixture/ solution for the task at hand

Example: “As far as pollution is concerned, reducing carbon emission is the only workable solution.”

  1. Fruitful results

Usage: results which are positive and intended

Example: Our efforts in the case of the celebrity have borne the fruitful results as the court has denied the bail to her.

  1. Unexpected results/outcomes/consequences

Usage: results which may be negative or positive but not intended for sure

Example: This line of medical treatment is not on expected timeline, we are observing unexpected consequences of the medicines.

  1. Adverse effect

Usage: to denote effects which are unfavorable or antagonistic results

Example: This medicine is good for treating high blood pressure, but can also have some adverse effects, such as light-headedness.

  1. Unpardonable offense

Usage: to convey the offense that is very serious and cannot be forgiven

Example: Domestic violence against women must be treated as unpardonable offense, if we wish to see gender equality in India.

  1. Punishable act

Usage: actions which are worth punishment and should not be shown mercy

Example: The latest news about an Indian politician shook him. He said, “How could he not be arrested for punishable act?”

  1. Devastating effects/impact/consequence

Usage: to denote the highest form of destruction as result of the particular action

Example: Lack of mapping in India had a devastating impact on rescue operations during tsunami.

  1. Invaluable contribution

Usage: to imply contribution that is of immense value

Example: Mahatma Gandhi had invaluable contribution to India’s Freedom struggle

  1. Unchallenging faith

Usage: to ascertain the faith that cannot be challenged

Example: Have unchallenging faith on my methods, in order to crack GRE comfortably.

  1. Unprecedented growth

Usage: to express the astonishing growth that was unseen or unexpected

Example: Because of foreign investments, India has witnessed unprecedented growth in her cities.

  1. Undesirable results/consequences/effects

Usage: results which were not desired or not wished for (normally negative)

Example: Unprecedented growth in Indian cities has brought in undesirable effects such as traffic jams.

  1. Enviable growth

Usage: to denote that the growth rate or amount, so healthy that some may envy the progress

Example: Mr. Grover’s new BMW car was testimony to his enviable growth.

  1. Multifaceted career

Usage: career which is rich with multiple skills and achievements

Example: My father always insisted on having multifaceted career so that, I can have bright future.

  1. Ruthless crimes

Usage: A crime which was committed without worrying about the pain inflected or compassion

Example: She could feel shivers through her spine as she was reading about the ruthless crime.

  1. Cold-blooded murder

Usage: Murder or act of killing someone without a tinge of regret or any emotions

Example: While writing his new novel, author wanted describe cold-blooded murder in most elaborative fashion.

  1. Unending options

Usage: Multiple options that may seem without any end

Example: Unending options on telephone call just for ordering Pizza was irritating for her, so she chose to hang up and went to the restaurant.

  1. Thoughtless acts

Usage: Actions that were without any consideration of consequences

Example: As a teenager, she did not understand why her parents question her every action and judge it to be a thoughtless act.

  1. Burgeoning price/demand

Usage: Prices or demands which are increasing rapidly

Example: He knew, to match with kid’s burgeoning demands, he needs to ask for a raise in his salary.


Many students are confused, if they should appear for IELTS or TOEFL when they are planning to study abroad. We decided to look into the comparison of the two tests and discuss criteria for deciding which is appropriate for them individually. This also serves as frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the candidates who wish to appear for the exam.

Full nameInternational English Language Test SystemTest of English as a Foreign Language
Who conducts them?British Council,

IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment

Educational Testing Services (ETS), USA
What is the syllabus?No, there is no syllabus. It is English Proficiency test.No, there is no syllabus. It is English Proficiency test.
What is the format?There are two versions

·         IELTS Academic

·         IELTS General

Both have 4 Sections

·         Listening

·         Speaking

·         Reading

·         Writing

4 Sections

·         Listening

·         Speaking

·         Reading

·         Writing

How is the exam scored?Each section is scored on the scale of 0 to 9. Final score is average of the four sections.Each section is scored on the scale of 0 to 30. Final score is addition of all four.
Is it paper based or computer based?Paper basedComputer based
What is the eligibility to appear for the exam?No restrictions as such, but need to understand other conditions where candidate wishes to apply with these scoresNo restrictions as such, but need to understand other conditions where candidate wishes to apply with these scores
What courses can I pursue after appearing for the exam?Candidate can apply to all courses which recognize these exams.Candidate can apply to all courses which recognize these exams.
What documents must I carry on the exam day?Valid PassportValid Passport
How many educational institutions in USA accept this score?Approximately 4500Approximately 5850
How many educational institutions in Australia accept this score?Approximately 880Approximately 160
How many educational institutions in UK accept this score?Approximately 330Approximately 470
How many educational institutions in Germany accept this score?Approximately 200Approximately 250

Statistics in the table is verified on 15th February 2016. Career Care advises students to cross-check the data on respective websites before taking final decision.