Difference between among and between

Greetings people! How are you? Thank you for keeping coming back to this post. Some people are obsessed with using variety of words and in an attempt to do so, spoil the original meaning. Let’s look at difference between among and between.


It is derived from Old English amang meaning akin to


  1. Mingling of separable objects or people

I’m going to give a select group of students back their power, but you’re not among them.

  1. Denotes belonging of a person or a thing to a group

My husband was the most strong willed among us.

  1. Sharing a common feature

He was one of the oldest warriors among the immortals, a man with the body of a thirty-year-old and the soul of the Ancients.


It is derived from Middle English betwene or Old English betweonan which is equivalent to be + twain (two) literally meaning in between two


  1. Position or interval that separates the two things in quantity or degree

There was a fine line between being frugal and being a miser.

  1. Done together

Whatever the issue was the conflict between Ajinkya and Nirmal remained.

  1. Shared in confidence

This is between you and me, not the entire society.


In short both words can be used interchangeably when intended meaning is in the middle of, otherwise not.

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