Would you advise me on giving advice?

Would you advise me on giving advice? This is another major confusing set of words. Let’s look at them.


Origin of this word can be traced back to Old French word aviser. Also ad- (towards) + viso (look). Advise is used as verb where as advice is it’s noun form.

Verb and how it’s used?

  1. give counsel to; offer an opinion or suggestion as worth following

If only Mom were here to advise her.

  1. recommend as desirable, wise, prudent

He’ll advise you and help you in ways I can’t.

  1. give (a person, group) information or notice

It was stupid to eat something from the woods without having someone to advise her.


It has same origin as ‘advise’. It’s a noun form of ‘advise’.

Noun and how it’s used?

  1. an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct

I can’t protect you if you disregard my advice like a child.

  1. a communication, especially from a distance, containing information

Fred was referring to a coffee class of elderly town patriarchs whose words and advice on just about anything was often quoted in the local paper.

  1. an official notification, especially one pertaining to a business agreement

Advice leaflets are available which you can download in pdf format.


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